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Get your laptop or computer fixed today by one of our Roseville technicians. We can come to you or get it repaired online now!

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No need to disconnect all your components to bring your equipment to us. Our Nerds go to your Roseville home or office!

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Get immediate tech support for most computer problems, whether you’re home in the Roseville region or traveling the country!

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Nerds on Call provides same day appointments for computer repair

Local Roseville Computer Repair

Our Roseville Story

Hi! We’re Nerds On Call Computer Repair Roseville!

Here’s our claim to fame as your local computer repair services company. If something — anything really — goes wrong with your technology, we’ll fix or repair it for you. The Roseville tech sector is growing at a fantastic pace, and we’ve been jogging right along beside it, working with commercial and residential customers to fix their computer issues and other tech problems quickly and reliably. 

So, here’s the six million dollar question: Why choose Roseville Nerds On Call over other computer repair services? What can we offer that our competitors can’t?

Three things make us unique.

1. We’re Local to Sacramento, Which Means Our Computer Repair is FAST!

Here’s the grubby secret of many generic computer repair companies. When you ask them to fix your beloved laptop, desktop or smart phone, it gets sent away — usually a long way — to get repaired. We’re often talking about India or China. 

It’s simple geography. The further away your tech goes to get repaired, the longer you have to wait before it’s back where it belongs in your back pocket, or on your desk. Why not get a repair in Roseville?

We’re local to Sacramento and Roseville. In fact, we frequently travel fix our Douglas Blvd customers’ computers. By working with our team, your computer receives a quality repair in Roseville, and you’ll have your computer or phone returned to you in perfect working order in a fraction of the time. 

2. We’ll Come to You (On-Site Computer Repair)!

Yep. We’re old school. If you have a problem with your computer or or need a repair, packing it all up to go to a repair shop can be a pain in the you-know-what. 

We offer a fleet of fully mobile computer repair labs on wheels. Just give us a call, make an appointment, and right on time, one of our nerds will be at your door ready to perform a complete, professional computer or portable device repair while you sit back and enjoy your morning coffee.

When most computer repair services are moving toward centralizing their repair facilities, we’re marching in the opposite direction with a to-your-door service. 

Need a repair quickly? All you have to do is pick up the phone: 800-919-6373.

3. We Might Be Computer Repair Technicians, But We’re Human!

Choosing to work with a technician who lives in your city is just a cool thing to do! By keeping your computer repair work in Roseville, you’re supporting the Roseville local economy, and you’re building a professional relationship with a highly-trained technician who is waiting and available to help you again when you need it. 

And if you ever need tech help again, guess what? You’ll know a local person who has your back. 

Here Are Our Services

Apple Mac Computer Repair

Macs are beautifully sleek and simple devices when they work. But if something goes wrong with a Mac, they’re complicated to trouble-shoot, filled with specialized parts, and can be expensive to repair if you go to an Apple Store. We know Macs back-to-front and can set you up with a certified computer repair using the same official components you’d get at the Apple store. 

Desktop Computer Repair

Desktop computer starting to run slow? Getting annoying pop-up messages on your screen? Perhaps you just need more storage? When any of these problems come your way, you needn’t bother unplugging your whole computer setup for a simple repair job. Just give us a call from anywhere in the Greater Roseville area, and we’ll come to you to provide a complete desktop computer repair or upgrade. Better yet, we offer free repair estimates.

Online Computer Repair

For some problems, we can even provide a remote support service – whether your computer is Windows or Mac. If you’re getting driver or hardware conflict errors, if you’re worried you may have malware on your computer, or even if you need some help retrieving a password, one of our remote support technicians can help you out from our Douglas Blvd office from 8am to 8pm on Monday to Saturday, or from 9am to 6pm on Sunday. For great remote support, all you need is a reliable internet connection. 

Smart Home Consultation

Want your lights to turn on by voice command? Eager to set your home up with a brand new smart thermostat or video doorbell? Smart technology is impressive, but it can require some next-level nerd-smarts to install correctly. One of our Roseville nerds can come to your home or business to install and configure the latest smart tech. We’ll even give you lessons on how to use it!

Laptop Repair

Laptop owners often assume they’ll need to purchase a new laptop computer when their existing portable computing device gets a bit long in the tooth. Don’t be so sure! We specialize in laptop repair and upgrades, from little things like cracked screens, sticky keys, and loose audio jacks, right through to complex repair, like virus malware removal and hard drive replacements. 

General Internet Help

Customer service is a big deal to us! One thing we take pride in at Roseville Nerds on Call is that we don’t mind helping out on smaller tasks. If you need help learning to surf the web, or if you have seniors in your family who need a bit of extra support and guidance in how to use email, manage their smart phone, or keep track of passwords, just give us a call! We’ve helped many folks from these parts get more comfortable with the Internet, and we’ll be happy to help you too. 

Home Networking

It can be beyond frustrating if your printer mysteriously stops working, or if you can’t get your laptop, smart phone and home desktop computer to reliably share files. Home networks are mysterious beasts, and trouble-shooting can take hours if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re at the end of your rope with your home network, get in touch with Roseville Nerds On Call. We’ll unravel your home network so that it’s running perfectly in no time. 

Our Other Roseville Services Include:

  • virus removal
  • malware removal
  • data recovery
  • technical business solutions
  • software tech solutions

Live in Roseville CA? Need a trained, friendly computer technician to make your computer and related tech problems disappear? We’re your Roseville nerds and we repair all brands! You can reach us by phone at 800-919-6373 for price quotes on our repair services.

Resource: Visit our Sacramento computer repair page for the most up-to-date computer repair services!

Same Day Appointments Available!

Commonly Asked Computer Repair Questions in Roseville

Roseville Repair FAQs

We have a variety of service options in the Roseville area including in-shop, at your home or office, or online. Many repairs can be done for less than $100, but it depends on your issue. The best way to confirm the cost to repair your computer or laptop is to give us a call for a free estimate. Almost all of our prices are flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about your bill ending up higher than you expected.


Our location is available by appointment only. Contact us today to chat with a Nerd about the specific technical problem you’re experiencing, schedule an appointment, and/or get more details. 

We like to say, if it plugs into the wall we can fix it! But then we had a few silly Roseville jokesters try to get us to repair their toasters. 


So now we say if it falls under the category of laptop repair, computer repair, or tech support we can help! Whether it’s speeding up your slow laptop, improving the reliability of your WiFi network, or getting your old hard drive swapped out for a fast, reliable solid state drive, we do it all. Contact a Roseville area Nerd at 800-919-6373 or click here for more information.

Of course! Apple devices have a reputation for “just working.” Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, troubleshooting your Apple computer or MacBook can be a tricky business. And when you invest that much money into buying a MacBook or iMac you don’t want to have to replace it before you absolutely have to.


It’s a good thing our technicians are Apple experts! We’ll restore your Mac to its former glory without breaking the bank.

Absolutely. We know how frustrating it is to have to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting internet issues with Xfinity or AT&T. Save the headache and let our friendly internet experts come to you.


Our IT services crew will get your Internet & WiFi running perfectly, and we’ll make sure all your devices (like smart tech and that new printer) are properly configured to run on your network.