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Custom PC builds are very common nowadays.

We’re Just a Call Away!

Ever wish your computer was made to order? Custom built PCs allow you to construct a PC that fits your exact needs.

However, building a PC from scratch can a daunting task with hundreds of parts and plenty of technical knowledge required to make everything work.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to build your dream custom PC without all the struggle? Our team at Nerds can help you locate the exact parts you need and construct your ideal PC—no assembly required.

If you’re based in Sacramento and look for “Custom PC builds Sacramento” or “custom PC builders near me”, you’ll notice a handful of different services with a variety of different options. Our team at Nerds on Call makes the process of getting a custom prebuilt PC effortless. In fact, you can even chat with a tech from this website or give us a call at 800-919-6373 and we can help get you started with building your dream PC.

Nerds Can Build You A Custom PC

When building your custom PC we start by identifying what it is your needs are. Whether you need a computer that’s affordable and fast for office work or whether you need a PC that’s built for intense video and photo editing our team will help you find the exact build you need to meet your needs. Whether you want a custom built gaming PC or a desktop with a lot of hard drive space, Nerds can help.


As computer experts our Nerds know exactly what makes a PC tick. When we build your dream PC we’ll work with you to choose every component of the computer’s performance, including GPU, CPU, motherboard, RAM, custom PC cables and storage to identify the perfect computer for your needs.

By the end of the process you’ll have a computer that has the perfect amount of processing power for your needs. Making this the easiest PC custom build ever done.


Power is only one part of the PC experience and our Nerds get that.

We also help you get accessories and software you need to succeed including:

  • Locating a monitor that’s perfect for you—whether you love watching Netflix or you just want to see crystal clear family photos.
  • Finding a keyboard and mouse to meet your ergonomic needs to make work from home effortless.
  • We’ll also install any software you might need like Microsoft Office or Quickbooks.

Bottom line: we’ll set up everything your custom prebuilt PC needs so you can sit back and relax.

Custom PC maintenance

A custom built PC has a lot of moving parts. We all know computers can experience wear and tear. No or little maintenance on your device could lead to a lot of issues. Our Nerds can easily help your repair your custom PC and get it running smoothly again.

Nerds Can Help With Custom PC Repair

A custom PC will need occasional maintenance to keep it running well. Whether there are issues with heat, your graphics card, CPU, or motherboard we can take care of it.

Our Nerds can build PCs from the ground up so we know exactly what it takes to repair things when a computer is acting up.

We even offer affordable services plans to give you deep discounts on future custom PC maintenance and repair.

We Can Also Help Optimize Your Custom PC

If your custom PC is giving errors or running slowly get in touch with us. We’ll run diagnostics on it and check for optimization, hardware and software problems, and fix any issues that you are having.

We’ll make sure your custom PC runs well and will continue to run well for years.

Nerds on Call Are Custom PC Computer Specialists

So why should you choose Nerds to build your custom PC?

Our Nerds are specialists in custom PC builds and have a deep knowledge of how computers work. We know the ins and outs of computers and we pride ourselves being the best custom PC builder in the region. We also make the process of crafting a custom built PC easy and affordable for our customers. Get in touch with us here.

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I tried everything to prevent Dark Souls 3 from crashing randomly, I finally turned to Nerds On Call. They were able troubleshoot my system and get it working perfectly. Thanks again

Michael K. | Sacramento, CA


After 5 years my video card was having trouble keeping up with newer games. Nerds helped me pick out a replacement and installed it too

Jeff S. | Roseville, CA


Don’t waste your money on Alienware. These guys can build you a monster pc at a fraction of the price.

Evan H. | Sacramento, California