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Nerds on Call provides same day appointments for computer repair

Local Chico Computer Repair

Our Chico Story

Our Chico computer repair story began in March of 2005.

Nerds On Call Computer Repair was working hard to spread our wings far and wide in Northern California. We were excited to expand our tech-support goodness to help even more people, and Chico felt like the perfect city to continue our journey. Chico was near enough to our previous two locations, but far enough away from them that we would be able to draw new customers, while efficiently covering a broad swath of Northern California with our computer repair flair.

If you remember Chico back in those days, computer repair was not as commonplace then as it is now. Nerds On Call Computer Repair was looking to tap into the enormous potential that the beautiful Chico college town had to offer. We were hoping to help students and residents alike with networking, data recovery, hardware issues, virus/malware removal, mac repair, and laptop repair. We are proud to report that these and many other computer repair services we still offer today.

When we opened our offices in March 2005, we rented an office just above Hulu’s BBQ. Before we had Google maps to navigate us wherever we needed to go, there was a very complicated process that our tech support handlers had to create to map the repair technicians to their destinations. Yes, it was all on paper! The handlers had to learn the ins and outs of all the new-to-them Chico neighborhoods. Skyway, East Park, and Park Avenue really threw them for a loop trying to navigate around the city!

The old Nerds on Call Chico Office.

We were lucky to have our trusty technician, Alex, help us immensely with spreading the buzz about the new computer repair services we offered in town. He walked around Summer Market with signs advertising Nerds On Call Computer Repair Chico, and taught basic computer training classes and photo editing to a group of Chico women as part of an effort to educate the Chico community. 

Soon, our business had expanded so much that we had outgrown our small office above Hulu’s. We were sad to leave the delicious BBQ smells behind, but moving to our current location on East Avenue B was the best thing for us!

Centrally located, we are happy our shop is always convenient to Chico and its surrounding communities. While our Nerds go to you – offering in-home and onsite computer repair and laptop repair service – we have many customers who prefer to bring their computers into the shop for service. In the heart of Chico, near Highway 99, we’re just a quick hop off of Highway 32, making even a jaunt from Orland uncomplicated.

We Nerds love to give back to our Chico community too! During the Christmas season of 2010, Nerds On Call Computer Repair held our Stuff the Bus Toy Drive. We gave a twenty-dollar gift card for our services to anyone who made a donation of a toy worth at least five dollars. All the donated toys went to the Chico Salvation Army for providing disadvantaged children with Christmas presents.

While visiting Chico on their frequent trips, Ryan and Andrea Eldridge, the founders of Nerds On Call Computer Repair, enjoy visiting Bidwell Park and the Chico Museum – Sierra Nevada for when the kids aren’t with them.

Nerds On Call Computer Repair has loved being in Chico for all these years and we hope to have many more good years in the beautiful city with the wonderful people! Some people have even called us the clinic for Chico computers!

And don’t forget! Nerds On Call Computer Repair Chico CA also services the greater Chico area, including Willows, Vina, Tehama, Stirling City, Richvale, Paradise, Oroville, Orland, Nelson, Magalia, Hamilton City, Glenn, Gerber, Forest Ranch, Durham, Corning, and Artois.

Experienced Chico Computer Repair You Can Trust

As we mentioned earlier, computer repair was a burgeoning industry when we opened our shop in Chico nearly 20 years ago. We are happy to report we’ve got the experience you can rely upon for all your computer, laptop, and networking services in your area.

We have developed a reputation not only for our experienced and knowledgeable computer and laptop repair, but also for our friendly, reliable service. We pride ourselves on knowing that when you call a Nerd, you can rest assured you’re contacting the best computer service provider in the Chico area.

Don’t forget to check out our customers’ glowing reviews!

We are also pretty excited that our Chico customers love their Nerds’ ability to explain complicated technology issues in a down-to-earth manner that helps customers learn more about their computers. Our computer technicians and our remote support staff are committed to helping you understand your complicated technology in our ever more connected world.

Give us a call today and we bet you’ll fall in love with our personable Nerds, too!

Outside the Nerds On Call Computer Repair Chico office

Reliable Laptop Repair in Chico

From every kid having a school-issued laptop to Grandma using hers to surf Amazon from the comfort of her recliner, we all know our families are becoming more dependent on our laptops for work, school, entertainment and more. It’s super frustrating when our laptop is on the fritz.

Thankfully, you can rely upon Nerds on Call in Chico for laptop repair too! We will tackle every manner of software-related issue – many times remotely while you kick your feet up on your couch. Your Nerds have the skills to repair your cracked laptop screen, your broken keyboard, replace your laptop’s hard drive and upgrade its RAM.

Having Nerds On Call in Chico as your local tech support means hassle-free laptop repairs that will have you back at work or play in no time.

Chico Networking and WiFi Professionals

Who among us wants to spend hours on the phone with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) troubleshooting why our internet is not working, or why we can’t get one of our online devices connected? We’d guess no one. Often, we then discover that the problem lies with a device the ISP won’t support whether it’s a router, network configuration or bridge network in your home or office.

Well, never fear. Our internet service professionals are here to help! Our Chico network technicians will help you put your internet woes behind you. We can wrangle every manner of WiFi issue, dead spot, network lag or dropping you may be experiencing. Let our internet professionals troubleshoot for you so you don’t have to figure out how to set up your mesh network or reconfigure your router. Don’t worry: we’ll make sure your work laptop takes priority over your kids’ video games.

Let us help you spend one less day frustrated with your computer, laptop or WiFi. Your friendly neighborhood Chico Nerds on Call are here to help with all your internet-related problems. 

Inside the Nerds on Call Chico Office.

Expert Chico Tech Support

Remote support is where it’s at and no one does it better, and with more heart, than Nerds On Call. In today’s world of interconnectedness, we are increasingly reliant upon all manners of technologies in our everyday lives. You’d be surprised what our team of remote support technicians can handle remotely, without requiring an in-person appointment.

Our remote support technicians will quickly and efficiently take care of your most pressing computer woes. From speeding up your slow computer, helping you wade through your spam-filled inbox, getting your printer to finally print something, or finding the photos you misplaced on your laptop, we’ve got you covered. We can even help you find a replacement computer or laptop for most budgets, taking into consideration what you actually need your computer to do for you. Our remote support technicians can handle these issues online (and many more!) without you ever leaving your couch.

Want the fastest computer repair and tech support available? You definitely want to tap into our patient, friendly remote support team. They’re the best! You’ll be so glad not to have to take your computer components apart, or drive in to the shop, or even wait for an in-person appointment. Our service technicians can fix most laptop and computer issues quickly online.

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You can stop by our shop in Chico, or phone our office to receive the best computer and laptop repair right in your home or office.

Call us at 800-919-6373 or send us a message and our friendly, professional Chico computer and laptop repair technicians will give you a free price estimate, set up an appointment, or talk you through any and all of your technology questions.

Commonly Asked Computer Repair Questions in Chico

Chico Repair FAQs

In-Shop laptop and computer repair in Chico is affordable for all price points. Check out our pricing HERE.


In addition to having your computer or laptop fixed in our Chico shop or in your home, many repairs can be handled faster and for even less online.


Contact us to chat with a Nerd about the specific technical problem you’re experiencing, schedule an appointment, and/or get more details.

Of course! When you pay THAT much for a laptop or computer, you can’t trust it’s repair to your buddy or neighbor that “knows about computers.” Yet trekking it out to the Apple Store all the way from the Chico region is a headache and a half.


Luckily, we train our Nerds to be as proficient with Apple equipment and software as they are with Windows PCs. Give us a call today and let us know what Apple computer issue we can resolve for you.

Absolutely! Remember when you first saw you can have a computer that you can carry around. Cool, right? Wow, anyone else feeling their age right now? But we digress…


Laptops are becoming, if not already, the most common type of personal computing device. They are also scary when it comes to tuneups and fixes. Instead of one visible part that can be removed and replaced, everything is contained in this device. 


Our Chico techs have the skills to open that MacBook or HP and resolve all your laptop issues.

While computers usually look after themselves, occasionally things go wrong. When this happens, you might need a Nerd to run a complete diagnostic. Viruses can build to be a huge problem if not dealt with right away. You probably run into more computer virus issues more often than you think.


If your computer is running slower than usually or data is disappearing, then your virus problem may have reached the point where you may need a nerd’s help.


Nerds On Call Chico is here to make the problem go away. We’re fast, reliable and friendly. Contact us at 800-919-6373 or reach us through our contact form for virus removal & protection options.