You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer seems to be working unusually hard to do usual tasks
  • Your internet connection is exceptionally slow at random times
  • Your computer goes very slow, either all the time or at certain, unpredictable times

Spyware is any software that is designed to watch you and see what you are doing. Unlike malware, which affects the way your system works, spyware simply sits in the back, waiting for you to enter any personal information as it watches vigilantly. Once you have typed some personal or financial information in your browser, the spyware can trace your activity and use this information against you. Some spyware is simply used for marketing and advertising purposes, and can run for years without being detected. Call the Nerds today to get your computer clean of any spyware and keep your personal information safe!

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Questions nerds often hear about Chico Remove Spyware

How do I get spyware?

Spyware spreads by tricking people into downloading and installing it. It can enter your system via a malicious email or a site that offers that perfect download. Always double-check where you’re downloading something from. It could be spyware.

If it’s so hard to detect, how do I know if I have spyware?

Spyware tries to stay hidden in the background, but can often cause problems. If your computer is running slowly; your home page, mouse pointer, or search engine changes; or you are redirected to websites you didn’t mean to go to, you could have spyware

What do they know about me?

It can often be impossible to tell what information an attacker has gathered via spyware. The only method is to change your passwords and remove the spyware

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Common Terms

Brow­ser Hel­per Ob­jects

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) are designed to add a feature to your browser, like reading PDFs. Malware uses BHOs to infect your computer.