Your Personal Computer Tech Support Team!

Have you ever wished you had your very own Nerd on Call? You can!

It’s Fast!

   *Call or Click the Support icon for near-instant access to a Nerd

   *No waiting for an available on-site appointment

   *Most fixes can be done immediately!

It’s Convenient!

   *Most fixes are able to be handled remotely (online)

   *No need to leave your house, or have a tech in your home!

   *No need to live with tech annoyances – your own friendly Nerd can

    fix it for you now!

It’s Affordable!

   *Low monthly fee is way less expensive than a stand-alone

    repair appointment

   *Keep your tech running right so it doesn’t break in a big way.

Nerd excited to show off their computer service plan.

Your Personal IT Department!

Nerds On Call Computer Service Plan

Computers are like cars: 

they require regular maintenance. 


Imagine you drive your car and never change the oil or get a tune-up. Eventually, something is going to go wrong and it’s probably going to be at the worst possible time and expensive to fix. 


Think of our Computer Service Plan as insurance for your car that also covers routine maintenance. 


As a Service Plan member, you could get monthly, even weekly, tune-ups or checkups to keep it clean and healthy, and mitigate future problems.

Nerds On Call provides top-of-the-line tech support for your desktop or laptop computer. 

Imagine a world where your check engine light comes on and a friendly, professional mechanic can instantly start working on your car.

That is our Computer Service Plan!

A Few Things Your Service Plan Can Do:

Nerdy tech helping customers with email issues.

Fix Email Problems

If your email is more of a burden than benefit, our Nerds can help you set up spam filters, find that missing message, even configure your inbox so it isn’t overwhelming.

A nerd attacking a virus.

Kill Viruses & Computer Bugs

In this day and age, you can pick up a virus or computer bug just by being online. And those bugs have gotten nastier – from stealing your data, even your identity. We’ll configure your computer so you stay safe online.

Doctor nerd helping a virus effect PC.

Heal Printer & Network Issues

It’s so frustrating when you can’t access a website, or you can’t figure out how to print that bill you want to pay…today. Why wait for your ISP to route you overseas to their inadequate help desk? A Nerd can fix it now.

Nerds Can Save You Money on Computer Repair

Why have a Computer service plan? 

Consider how often you just live with small issues and frustrations with your computer. In addition to making your technology less enjoyable, these issues often build up to larger problems. 

Those larger problems result in you paying BIG money to someone to fix it for you. 

Our Service Plan is perfect to handle those small issues as they arise, rather than frustratingly waiting until you have no other option.

Nerds on Call Computer Service Plan offers:

  • Unlimited online and over the phone tech support
  • Available 7 days a week!
  • Tune ups & computer maintenance
  • Software fixes
  • Printer troubleshooting
  • Solutions for email problems
  • Friendly and patient technicians
  • 100% local staff – we never contract out support!
  • Discounts on in-shop and on-site labor*
  • Advice and guidance for replacing or upgrading your PC
  • Bulk Discounts available

Service Plan = Protection

Unlike a car, your computer holds a lot of personal and important information. You don’t want to lose the photos, documents and data from your desktop or laptop computer because of a simple software fix. Especially a fix that could have been addressed months prior.

Not to sound like your doctor or mechanic, but turning a blind eye to everyday tech annoyances can lead to serious computer issues.

Regular Computer Maintenance

No one wants to spend their weekend updating their computer’s operating system or ensuring that their anti-malware software is up to date. But without that regular maintenance, you risk opening your computer – and your whole network – to hackers, viruses, malware and performance decline.

In fact, you’ll start to experience more glitches over time if you let your operating system updates slide.

Instead of taking hours of your time every month to review your computer’s protections and ensure everything is up to date and running optimally, call or use the handy “ping in” link we put on your computer desktop screen to let have a monthly computer tune up. 

Now enjoy your weekend with peace of mind!

Our Computer Service Plan will provide you with computer support that can:

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“In under an hour, I was able to get support to set up my new software to my specific needs…I have have to worry about tech problems again!”

Malinda R. | Sacramento, CA

“I have used Nerds on Call for several years. I found them after having serious virus problems and never considered leaving their service. I can log on any time and get the help I need. No trips to their location or lost service of my computer. Living in Rio Vista, that is a real benefit.”

Don S. | Sacramento, CA

“The nerds are the best group of people. They continue to fix and keep me safe on the internet. Best $$$ a month spent, THANK YOU!!!”

Renee A. | Sacramento, CA

Fix Email Problems

  • We can set up spam filters and sorting to reduce overwhelming inbox clutter
  • Your Nerd can help you recover lost passwords to access accounts you’ve gotten locked out of
  • Our friendly support techs can help configure your Inbox so it’s easier to find important messages

Kill Viruses & Bugs

  • Keep your computer safe while online
  • Stop your data from being stolen
  • Help to protect you from scams and phishing schemes by setting up anti-malware protections and stronger email scans and filters

Resolve Printer & Network Issues

  • Make sure your home network is configured correctly for optimum speed and reliability
  • Help to ensure that your wireless printer works when you need it to
  • Talk you through network resets when you encounter glitches

Remote Work

Who has the time to drop off their computer to a repair shop and then wait for it to get repaired, only to have to drive back to pick it up several days later? 

A lot of the work our service plan covers can be done remotely – meaning our technicians can access your computer over the internet to resolve problems and update software. Good news! You don’t have to go without your computer or laptop. 

Even better, you can be located anywhere! 

Out of state visiting family? On vacation? Work trip? No problem! As long as you have access to the internet, we can remotely fix just about any problem you are encountering. And if its getting connected to the internet that has you pulling out your hair, our Nerds on Call can help walk you through getting connected over the phone.

How It Works

There are several ways a Nerd can help you with your annoying computer issues and challenges once you are part of our service plan:

Click For Help

During our initial setup service appointment, we’ll install an app on your computer that will allow you to invite a Nerd On Call into your computer with a simple double click. You’ll be able to chat with your Nerd, show them the problem you’re having and watch as they fix it right in front of you.

And don’t worry about a Nerd accessing your computer outside the parameters of your requested service: our software only allows us to access your computer when you initiate the request, and permission is discontinued as soon as you click out of your remote session.

Call For Help

Sometimes it’s easier and faster to just talk to someone. 

Heck, some of our long time service plan customers schedule regular calls to hear a friendly voice and catch up a bit while they’re having their computer maintenance done (we love you, too, June!)

When you call in for support, you’ll typically reach a Nerd on Call within minutes who can help resolve your problem immediately – 7 days a week!

Email or Chat For Help

You can email your Nerd On Call, send them screenshots, or just write out a list of things you want addressed. This is great if you’re a night owl that thinks best after service hours.

You can also use the App we install on your machine to initiate a chat session. 

We’ve got your back no matter how you want to communicate.

Computer Service Plan Options and Pricing

We keep our plan as affordable as possible while providing our members with the best tech support year-round. Our service plan pricing options include:




Purchase 5 months and get

1 month FREE!


Save even more!

Get TWO Months FREE!

A La Carte computer fixes can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Replacing your computer or laptop costs even more.

Our Nerds on Call Computer Service Plan protects you from unexpected computer service expenses – saving you money by including services you’d otherwise pay full price for. Combined with service member discounts on in-shop and onsite service appointments, you can save hundreds every year.

From families to business owners to college students, Nerds On Call has spent years saving people money, time and sanity through regular computer maintenance and tech support.

Call us today at 1-800-919-6373

A Nerd will be happy to go over all the Service Plan options with you.