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Nerds on Call provides same day appointments for computer repair

Local Redding Computer Repair

Our Redding Story

Our computer repair Redding, CA store opened in February 2004, back when your computer was likely a bulky desktop tower with a separate monitor, about a thousand wires, and dial-up was still considered a viable option for getting online. Can you believe we’ve been fixing Shasta County computers and providing all manner of tech support since back when cell phones would cripple your thumbs to send a text?

Our first Redding location was on the second story of the building on Market Street that currently houses Kobe Steakhouse and Maxwells Eatery – we would have to lug those huge desktop tower monstrosities up and down the stairs from the back parking lot, and customers had to track us down upstairs. 

But… it allowed us to settle in and learn to never again rent a second-story location!

We’ve since maintained (first floor only!) repair shops on Railroad Ave and Oregon St, a retail spot next to Target off Dana Drive, and where we currently reside on Mistletoe Lane near Hilltop.

Since we’ve been offering friendly, local computer repair and tech support services to the greater Redding area, one of the most popular searches by our customers is Shasta computer repair, which makes sense since we offer repair services both in your home, at your business, and even online for residents all throughout Shasta County.

We are proud to serve the following areas surrounding Redding, CA:

Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Bella Vista, Red Bluff, Whiskeytown, Shasta Lake, Round Mountain, Oak Run, Millville, Lakehead, Igo, French Gulch, and Shingletown.

Redding Computer Repair

What computer repair and tech support issues can we help with in the greater Redding area? We have been expertly caring for issues related to laptops, PCs and Apple/Mac computers, from helping to speed up slow computers, remove ransomware, viruses and spyware, set up and troubleshoot printers, and provide small business tech support for nearly 20 years. We think we’ve done a pretty good job at repairing your computers and we hope you agree! 

Slow computer issues is still one of the most common issues we help to resolve. Sometimes its an issue of needing more resources, in which case we can help you determine the best option to increase your laptop or computer’s RAM, and sometimes its an issue of fixing how your computer uses the resources at its disposal. A PC tuneup where we turn off unnecessary processes, remove programs running in the background, and resolve software issues and errors can often make a huge improvement in your system’s performance.

Redding Internet Issues

Some of the most common issues we help with still involves internet and WiFi/networking issues for Redding homes and businesses. While we are (thankfully!) no longer at the mercy of dial up and satellite internet only options (those days were the worst!) many of our Shasta County customers still struggle with WiFi deadspots and dropped signal. So long as the issue isn’t specific to your ISP, we are experts at configuring your WiFi network to support all of your home and business gadget internet needs. 

We can make recommendations if you don’t have enough speed or bandwidth, or upgrade your WiFi network equipment to reach all the nooks and crannies in your home. Mesh WiFi networks can allow you to get signal all the way out by the pool, in your back office, or in your garage.

Redding New Computer Set Up

New computer consultations – where we help you find the perfect computer or laptop to meet your budget and computing demand needs – are also really popular with our Redding customers. Even though we now have more options than having to pick something off the shelf at the local Best Buy, Walmart or Costco, its still overwhelming to have to figure out what upgrades are worth the investment and which are unneccessary. Our friendly Nerds (personal tech support providers!).

Once we’ve helped you find the perfect laptop or computer to meet your needs, we handle everything to get it set up just like your old one – just faster and better! We will get all your data moved over to your new system, make sure all your programs work as you want them to, and set you up for one-click connect with our remote support team so anytime you can’t find something or get annoyed with your new computer or laptop you can just click to have oune of your friendly Nerds on Call tech support helpers help get it sorted right away.

Nerds on Call car going out to for computer repair in Redding

Redding Laptop Repair

We’ve also found that these days, laptop repair services in Redding have definitely outpaced demand for desktop/tower computer repair. From replacing dead batteries that cause your laptop not to charge properly (or at all!), to replacing cracked screens, broken keyboards, or even helping out after an unfortunate spill breaks your laptop, our Redding Nerds on Call technicians are trained to handle complicated laptop repair issues you don’t want to trust to your teenage neighbor.

Redding Online Support

We offer remote work for issues like removing ransomware, viruses or spyware; setting up an automated data backup so you never lose your photos or data; resolving email issues; getting your printer to cooperate; software problems, and so many more. 

One of our most popular services, beloved by hundreds of your Redding neighbors, is our online support plan. Service plan members need only click an icon on their screen or call us anytime and get tech support for any of their included laptops, computers or mobile devices. If it can be fixed remotely, the repair is usually included at no additional charge. It’s basically your own personal help desk/tech support team at your beck and call.

Great if you are looking to avoid the drive down from French Gulch or Shingletown.

Still not sure if we’re the Nerds for you?

Check out the extensive list of laptop and computer repair services we offer in Redding by exploring the links further up on this page. Better yet, give us a call and ask a friendly Nerd on Call if we can get your laptop, Mac, desktop or other gadget up and running.

Whether you bring your computer into our shop on Mistletoe, have our friendly repair technician out to your home or business, or have your issue fixed immediately by our helpful remote support technicians, we bring outstanding service to Redding computers and technology everywhere!

So, come on in to our tech repair shop today, or give us a call and let us help get your gadgets running smoothly again.

Chat with your friendly local computer repair Nerd – stop in, click on the instant chat option, or call us now at 530-242-9200!

Commonly Asked Computer Repair Questions in Redding

Redding Repair FAQs

In-Shop laptop and computer repair in Redding is affordable for all price points. Check out our pricing HERE.


In addition to having your computer or laptop fixed in our Redding shop or in your home, many repairs can be handled faster and for even less online.


Contact us to chat with a Nerd about the specific technical problem you’re experiencing, schedule an appointment, and/or get more details.

We like to say, if it plugs into the wall we can fix it! But then we had a few silly Shasta County jokesters try to get us to repair their toasters. 


So now we say if it falls under the category or laptop repair, computer repair, or tech support we can help! Whether it’s speeding up your slow laptop, improving the reliability of your WiFi network, or getting your old hard drive swapped out for a fast, reliable solid state drive, we do it all. Contact a Redding area Nerd at 530-242-9200 or click here for more information.

Absolutely! Slow internet, WiFi dead zones, devices not recognizing the network and networking equipment failure are just a few of the internet issues our Redding technicians can resolve for you. 


While we may start off asking if you’ve tried turning it off and back on again – bear with us! Our friendly computer repair professionals will get to the bottom of what’s causing your internet frustrations and get you back online again in no time.

Of course! When you pay THAT much for a laptop or computer, you can’t trust it’s repair to your buddy or neighbor that “knows about computers.” Yet trekking it out to the Apple Store all the way from the Redding area is a headache and a half.


Luckily, we train our Nerds to be as proficient with Apple equipment and software as they are with Windows PCs. Give us a call today and let us know what Apple computer issue we can resolve for you.