Does your computer seem slower than it used to be?

It’s probably not your imagination. You might have a slow PC.

Computers are generally pretty good at managing themselves, but over time it’s quite typical for a computer to get bogged down with unnecessary clutter and an assortment of “nickel and dime” problems which hamper its smooth performance.

If you’re fed up with a sluggish PC, take a look at our online tech support service or simply call us at 1-800-919-6373. One of our tech gurus can get your computer blazing fast again in mere minutes.

Snail on a keyboard representing a slow pc

Let’s Get Rid Of That Clutter

Computers accumulate garbage files and unnecessary memory sucking programs like shelves accumulate dust. It’s just an inevitable part of using a computer.

Removing all that stuff won’t just free up hard drive space for you, it’ll also give your computer a much-needed speed boost.

We’ll Get Rid Of Malware

Malware (malicious software like viruses and adware) is everywhere these days. Even if you have virus protection software, it’s all too easy for infections to sneak onto your computer, and each new infection can add to your computer’s workload, eventually slowing it down.

We’ll seek and destroy these nasties for you, eliminating all your malware and showing you how to stay safe in the future.

A Full Diagnostic

We can also run a check on your hardware to make sure your equipment is up to spec and running as intended. We can even perform tweaks to your settings to squeeze the very best performance out of your PC.

A slow computer is a drag, but all these problems are very fixable by a nerd who knows his stuff! Sign up to our online tech support service and we’ll restore some zip to your PC.

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Questions nerds often hear about Slow PC

Isn’t my computer getting slow just a natural part of it getting old?

Well, yes and no. Unless you upgrade its hardware, an older computer is always going to have a slower processor and other components, than newer models. So an old computer will seem comparatively slower (compared to new machines) and will likely eventually struggle with new software.

However, there’s absolutely no reason why it should actually slow down. This is most likely a software issue which can be resolved.

Can you make my old computer go faster with hardware upgrades?

Certainly. Of course, this isn’t something we can do remotely. We would need a technician to come out to your home. However, what we can do remotely is run a full diagnostic on your computer and give you straightforward advice on what upgrades you need to make it better.

Give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 and we’ll be happy to help.

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Common Terms


Malware is a term used to describe any software that is designed to cause harm to a computer or network. This can include viruses, trojans, spyware, and other types of software that can infiltrate a system without the user’s knowledge or consent and can cause harm, such as stealing personal information, spying on the user’s activities, or disrupting the normal operation of the device.


In computing, hardware refers to the machinery and equipment that makes up a computer system, including the motherboard, processor, memory, storage, and input/output devices. This is in contrast to software, which are the instructions that run on the hardware.


A desktop is the main interface or work area of a computer that is used to access and manage files, programs, and applications. The desktop is the first screen that is displayed after logging into a computer, and it typically contains icons, shortcuts, and other elements that allow the user to access and interact with the computer’s operating system and files.