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A nerd arrive to protect a consumer from online scammers and hackers.

Computer Repair Near Me

The Computer Repair Near Me Question The most common question we’re asked at Nerds On Call is, “Do you offer computer repair near me?” The answer is, “Yes! Yes

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Laptop Water Damage

Spilled water on your laptop?  Nerds On Call can help! “Spilled water on a laptop? That could never happen to me because I’m so careful!” 

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Nerds' Tech after setting up a business file sharing network for a small business

Business File Sharing

Is your business struggling to share files? Nerds On Call can help with efficient, cost-effective solutions As recently as a few years ago, small businesses

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Data Backup

Your photo files, family tree records, and other personal data aren’t just files — they’re memories. While your computer can easily be recovered if your

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Formatting documents are a common issue for many people

Formatting Documents

Formatting Documents: Easily Fix Your Docs Getting your ideas into a word processor or spreadsheet software is one thing, but formatting it well is another.

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password reset symbol

Password Reset

Password Reset: When Is It Needed? It’s almost impossible to get by without a long list of passwords these days — it can be hard

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Slow PC

Does your computer seem slower than it used to be? It’s probably not your imagination. You might have a slow PC. Computers are generally pretty

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