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Where are the prices???

At Nerds On Call we want to make our prices simple and convenient. We’ve all seen it before. You bring your machine into a shop or have someone come out to look at your computer, they offer a low price to reel you in and before you know it there are a lot of extra charges piled on.  We want to be transparent with how we charge for our work, so you’ll know right up front what the bill will be before we even begin.  We offer Flat Rate prices and Hourly Rates, you get to choose.  If you think the problem the computer is having is a quick fix, go with our low priced hourly rate.  If you think the computer is going to need a good cleaning, that could take hours, choose our Flat Rate Service.  If you hire us and a simple problem turns out bigger than you thought, you can always switch from Hourly to Flat Rate.  If you aren’t sure what you’ll need we’ll give you all the information to make an informed decision. Our goal is to make a customer for life, give us a call and we’ll be happy to find a way to work within your budget.

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