Affordable Computer Repair and Tech Support

Find out how much it will cost to fix your tech today.

Service Options for Your Convenience

If you don’t want to unplug your equipment and lug it into the nearest shop, we come to you! If you want to drop off your laptop on your timeline, we have conveniently located shops to serve you. Or if you just need it fixed now, without the hassle of a technician in your home or having to bring it in, we can fix it right now, online.

Flat Rates = No Surprises

Our unique, flat rate pricing for online & residential service lets you know what you’ll pay before we get started. Longer fixes won’t cost you more (though quick fixes will cost you less), so don’t stress the minutes. The price doesn’t change if it takes longer than we expected.

Did you know?

Service Plan Members get unlimited online support for all their technical issues, PLUS member-only discounts off in-shop and onsite service!

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“It began on a positive note when I called in and spoke with Carol! She was so friendly and a true delight to talk to! She asked me what kind of problems I was having, told me she was connecting me with Christian and moments later I was speaking with him. Literally, within a couple minutes he had my computer connected to my printer and explained to me why I was having a problem printing! Once again NERDS to my rescue!!”

Judy C
Sacramento, CA

Our Service Areas

Northern California, Oregon, and Online Computer Repair

We offer remote, onsite, in shop computer repair in Northern California and Oregon. With affordable computer repair pricing!

Nerds on call tech gets an house because of their affordable computer repair pricing

Easy in Home Repairs

Residential Service Prices

We can service your computers, mobile devices, home theater and more – if it plugs in, we can fix it. But you want to know how much it’s going to cost, before you sign on to have the work done. Good News! We’ve structured our “No Surprises” Flat-Rate Residential Computer Repair Pricing to ensure that you’ll never get a nasty surprise when we’re done fixing your stuff.


Our unique, flat rate computer repair pricing lets you know what you’ll pay before we get started. No quoting a lowball base charge and then piling on extra services to drive up your bill. With Nerds on Call, you’ll pay one flat rate for all the service your system needs.

No Surprises

We’ve all been there, whether it’s the plumber or the auto mechanic. You get quoted an hourly rate – or a range – and don’t know until the end that the repair broke your budget. Here at Nerds on Call, we’ll always provide you with a quote before we get to work.

No Need to Watch the Clock

With flat rate pricing, the longer fixes won’t cost you more (though quick fixes will cost you less). So if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while we battle that nasty virus, feel free! Our technicians get the job done right for the price you agree upon in advance.

Business IT Repair and Support

Business Service Prices

Who needs an in-house “computer guy” when you can have a team of Nerds as your tech support? Learn how our computer repair pricing works for small businesses.


We Come to You

The best part about servicing a business is that our technicians get to multi-task. We can run scans and install software or updates on several systems at once, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Ongoing Support

Our business service plan offers ongoing support for your staff, available 7 days a week for a low monthly rate. You don’t need to hire an onsite tech – you’ll get a team of Nerds – on call!

Competitive Hourly Rates

When our techs can work on several systems simultaneously, flat pricing isn’t as great of a deal as it is for residential customers. Our business customers have requested that we maintain a separate hourly rate pricing structure so we can offer the best value to their business


Build Custom PCs​

Custom Computer Pricing

Whether you’re in the market for a custom gaming rig or need help replacing your aging computer, our Nerds listen to your needs and work with you to build a system that’s just right for your budget and computing needs. Contact us today for a custom PC consultation.

Gaming Computers​

We game too! When you’re serious about specs and looking to build out a computer that’s capable of rendering the graphics and supporting the speed you need to win, we got you covered. We can help you select the best parts, install components, or build your custom gaming PC from scratch.

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Budget Desktops​​

Not all PC upgrades are worth the investment, but the salesperson at the big box store isn’t going to tell you that. We help you navigate the process of deciding which components will truly improve your computing experience and which you can skip, then help customize your new PC so that it precisely fits your needs and budget.

New PC Consults

Navigating the process of buying a new computer or laptop online isn’t for the faint of heart – or the easily frustrated. Our Nerds are there to talk you through each selection, help you figure out what system will best fit your needs, and make sure that you find the best price available.

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