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If you’ve looked into building a custom gaming PC, you probably noticed that the number of parts to choose from can be overwhelming.

And when you finally put everything together and hit that power button for the first time, the last thing you want to see is a blank screen!

Never fear! Nerds On Call is composed of passionate gamers that can help you at any stage of the process of building a custom gaming computer.

If you’re in the Sacramento area and Google “Gaming computers near me,” you’re going to notice a few things. First, you’ll notice a handful of places that build computers for you (mostly big, generic computer stores). Second, once you dig a bit deeper, you’re likely to see that not many of these so-called gaming PC places specifically cater to customized PC builds for gamers.

Nerds Can Build You a Custom Gaming PC

The first question we’re going to ask you, the gamer, is what’s the right build for your needs? We involve you in the process of building a machine that will be heavily customized to the games you want to excel at — and your style of play.
Let’s break that down a little. 


Sure, any gaming rig is a build that needs power. But what kind of power? 

When Nerds builds a custom gaming computer, we are going to spend time with you getting really granular on every component of PC performance, including GPU, CPU, motherboard, RAM and storage. 

The end game is the best possible optimization of processing components for your gaming needs. No generic computer store has the time, let alone the gaming expertise, to offer that level of customization.


At Nerds, we know that processing power is only one part of the construction of a custom gaming computer. 

The perfect custom gaming computer also needs the right features to match your style of gameplay, and the kinds of games you’re going to be spending most of your time on.

  • There’s the obvious feature tweaks, like choosing the right monitor set up for you, right down to your preferred height and width. 
  • Then there’s the more fine-tuned gamer choices that are going to boil down to ergonomics, muscle memory and how you like to play. There are any number of styles of mouse, keyboard and headphones — and you’ll probably already have a clear idea of your perfect customized build. 
  • We’ll also look at VR readiness. Some gamers are going to want it right out of the gate. Others — meh — not so much.

Bottom line: we’ll install the features you want. 

Is Your Current Build Being Utilized Correctly?

Getting your build right is step one. Then it needs proper ongoing configuration and upkeep. 

Nerds Can Help With Gaming PC Repair

A custom gaming PC will need regular maintenance. These things pump out lots of heat — and all it takes is a bit of dust accumulation, or wear around your heat management, to place your graphics card, CPU and motherboard at risk. 

If you need some gaming PC repair or routine maintenance, Nerds can help! We understand the unique thermal and physical pressures a custom gaming PC faces, and we’re experienced at managing it. 

A custom gaming computer aren’t throwaway pieces of technology! We’ll help you protect your hard-earned gaming investment. 

We Can Also Help With System Optimization

If you notice performance drop-off or are getting hardware errors, give us a call. We’ll perform a complete system diagnostic and optimization, rooting out hardware and software problems, and addressing them before they become a big deal.

This isn’t just going to help you squeeze the maximum possible speed and performance from your build, it’ll also keep your gaming PC up-to-date and fully functional for as long as possible.

Nerds on Call Are Custom Gaming Computer Specialists

So… why choose Nerds? 

When it comes down to it, if you want a custom gaming PC build that’s optimized to your play style, it’s best to work with people who understand gaming (trust us, not all Best Buy techs are gamers). We’re good at what we do because we’ve built these rigs for ourselves. We know what gamers want. 

If you’d like to learn more, just give us a call at 800-919-6373 or contact us by email here.

Nerds On Call  is a computer repair service in Sacramento, CA. Our Sacramento computer and laptop technicians work hard to make your computer repair experience is as quick & pleasant as possible.

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I tried everything to prevent Dark Souls 3 from crashing randomly, I finally turned to Nerds On Call. They were able troubleshoot my system and get it working perfectly. Thanks again

Michael K. | Sacramento, CA


After 5 years my video card was having trouble keeping up with newer games. Nerds helped me pick out a replacement and installed it too

Jeff S. | Roseville, CA


Don’t waste your money on Alienware. These guys can build you a monster pc at a fraction of the price.

Evan H. | Sacramento, California