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Here’s what our customers have to say…

When you ask yourself, “what is the best computer repair near me?” we want to make sure that we are the first Nerds that some to mind. 

But you shouldn’t take our word for it. 

“I recommend Nerds On Call to all my friends who have computer problems because they are the best. They’re reliable, they’re always on time, they explain things, I’m very comfortable having them.”

Lynn, Redding, CA

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We are so proud of our Nerds on Call reviews that we wanted to share a few of our favorites, and say thank you to all of our loyal and fabulous customers that we have been fortunate to work with.

Computer Technicians you can trust.

Just like Spiderman says, we are your friendly, neighborhood computer repair shop.

Our kind and helpful staff is the backbone of our company, and our customers agree.


“I have had great customer service and technical support from Nerds On Call.  They are always friendly, professional, and accurate. I am not particularly “techy” and they have saved my bacon on numerous occasions!  Pocket Protectors for everyone!!! LOL” 

L. Young, Sacramento, CA

When we started Nerds on Call back in 2004, we knew that the most important key to providing stellar customer service was to find smart, talented computer repair technicians that could also “speak human.”

We can hone computer repair skills, but our staff comes to us personable, friendly and down to earth.

“Just finished with Jay D. at Nerds on Call in Redding, CA. Great experience, from beginning to end. He quickly identified the problem, made the fix, and then made sure I understood why this occurred and how to avoid it in the future. Who does that? Well these guys do! Hope your experience is as great as mine. PS – all this was done remotely on my desktop, no need to cart it into the store – YEAH!”

Bill F., Redding, CA


Fixed prices quoted in advance.​

Computer repair is stressful enough without the added worry of an unknown bill looming at the end. That’s why we’ve always used a flat pricing system for all of our residential computer repair.


“From the time I walked in to the time I left, I was treated with professionalism and great customer service. Everyone I talked to was friendly and helpful and took care of everything – a diagnostic, transfer of data to new laptop and free quote all for one flat fee. Excellent Computer Repair. I also liked that they didn’t pressure you to pay more or buy something else.”

Ariel G., Yuba City, CA

You’ll know exactly how much it will cost before we get started fixing your computer. No surprises, no sticker shock, no regrets.

“This was my first time ever using a computer repair service and I could not be happier. Excellent job, reasonable price = happy customer.”

Bernard B., Sacramento, CA


Fast and friendly service.​

When your computer isn’t working properly you need it fixed fast so that you can get back to work, and life!


“Honestly, I came in frantic about having my laptop dying out of nowhere. Nick, Andy, and Tyler really saw my desperation.. and 1) calmed me down 2) told me that they can do it and have it ready by the next day so I CAN PASS MY MIDTERM!

And wa lahh~~~ all is good in the world cuz of nerds on call. They might not be the saviors you need, but the saviors you want.”

Christi C., Modesto, CA

Did you know that many repairs can be completed same day, without even needing a trip into the shop?

“I’ve used Nerds before and know that they are trustworthy and professional. With all the work that I needed done, I decided to purchase their service plan.

Nerds’ online services are time saving. I don’t have to take my devices to their facility. All I need to do is click a few times and their on call support responds quickly to my questions.

If you need IT services, call Nerds! You will be pleased with their customer service and IT techs!”

Brenda K., Sacramento, CA


Give us a call or click on the instant chat link to see if our online support team can help get you back up and running today!

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Letters From Our Customers

Dear Nick,

I can’t believe you and your kindness! I want to profusely thank you for all you did to help me with my computer problems. Nic, you actually replaced my irreparable computer with one that works properly. WOW! You solved my computer problem!! Miguel was kind and professional when he was here. He represents your company very well!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Evelyn McCallum

Thank you letter from Jacklyn McCallum 3
Thank you letter from Jacklyn McCallum 2

Video Testimonials

“We had a very good experience. You guys always show up when you say you will, and you seem to know your business and we’re really happy with your service — and we’ll keep calling you. We look forward to seeing you again.”

“I had a really good experience with Nerds On Call. They’ve been here a few times getting my computer all lined up. They’ve been fast, professional, and courteous.”

“At Nerds On Call here today, they cleaned up two computers for me and everything’s working great!”

“I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

“I called Nerds On Call — I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone in my home, and fixing my computer. I was totally confident the minute he sat down in the chair.”

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Gary C.Fresno, CA
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“I called Nerds on Call & was able to bring the computer in. The technicians disassembled & rebuilt the computer. They were able to diagnose the problem. The computer was ready the next business day. I am impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism of the technicians. The next time I'm going to have Nerds on Call build me a system instead of trying to build it myself. Thanks!!”
Alicia F.Sacramento, CA
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“Fantastic. Not to throw shade but I went to Best Buy and they told me my screen was broken and I would need a new screen and it would cost me about 400. I went to nerds on call to see if that was true and if they could do something about it… It took him 5 min to figure out and he didn’t make me feel dumb even though I’m clearly missing something. 10/10 honest, patient and good quality service.”
Kate C.Sacramento, CA
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“Spring cleaning in my home office and just had Sacramento-based NERDS-on-Call check my system for threats. They're the best IT Department any small business owner could want -- friendly, knowledgeable, fast and affordable -- all done remotely, no hassle. I'm cleared to take off and can now fly into my spring projects. Thanks NERDS!”
Jesse J.Sacramento, CA
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“I joined Nerds last September. This Computer Repair Service is perhaps the best, most professional, knowledgeable group of people I have ever dealt with in computer repair. There is no contest with the rest of computer repair companies. So try the rest, then settle on the best… Nerds on Call. You won’t be disappointed and will be happily surprised.”
John P.Sacramento, CA
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“I dealt with several different Tech people, everyone was always polite and very patient with me. Great bunch of people to deal with. Jeremy was the last Tech I dealt with, he is the one that finished fixing the last of the bugs. He really knows the ins and outs of computers. Every time I called they were fast to respond. Never putting me off. I highly recommend them, I know I will be a customer for a very long time.”
Phoebe G.Fresno, CA
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“I was not disappointed at all! Johnathan looked into the problem and while it was a fairly quick and cheap fix, the computer manufacturer was encouraging the repair to involve replacing a much more expensive part. I highly suspect that if I had gone to a big box repair shop, they wouldn't have pushed back against the manufacturer and I would have been paying much more. I highly recommend.”