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Nerds on Call provides same day appointments for computer repair

Local Sacramento Computer Repair

Our Sacramento Story

Our SacTown computer repair story started way back in 2005 when we opened our first location in the Arden Arcade area (on the corner of Marconi and Eastern). We discovered that the Sacramento area offers a unique combination of challenges and opportunities.

We’ve been able to grow a wonderful family of skilled, friendly Nerds that can fix computers and laptops of all makes and models, get excited about building new computers from scratch – especially custom computer builds for gamers and business solutions, and offer a variety of technical support interests that we struggled to find in some of the smaller communities we serve.

But it was also more difficult to get to know our neighbors in the Sacramento community. Nerds on Call Computer Repair Sacramento grew crazy fast in its early days, fueled by word of mouth from happy customers spreading the word in their community. But that small town service provider networking wasn’t common in the greater Sacramento area. 

Store front of the old Nerds on Call Sacramento location.

Computer Repair For The Whole Sacramento Area

Each Sacramento community – Midtown, Downtown, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, Elk Grove, Natomas (and there’s more!) has its own feel, their own separate network of service providers and stores. While Sacramento offers opportunities that allow families to stay and grow generation after generation, it was a challenge for our small town sensibilities to get used to the separation between the various communities we serve.

Luckily, after more than a decade of building relationships with our Sacramento neighbors, we are true Sacramento converts. In fact, Nerds on Call Computer Repair Sacramento owners Andrea and Ryan Eldridge moved their whole family to Sacramento and have lived here for almost a decade themselves.

When we expanded our remote tech support services, we opened our call center off Fair Oaks and Engle to house our friendly phone and online support staff. That office eventually moved to a larger location in Gold River, before finally merging with our shop staff to offer expanded service hours.

And our Computer Repair Sacramento shop eventually relocated to Madison and Kenneth to better service our Fair Oaks and Carmichael customers.

Store front locations of Nerds on Call Computer Repair Sacramento on Madison and Kenneth

The Best Sacramento Computer Repair Around

But enough about our history fixing computers in Sacramento. You’re here to find out what computer repair and tech support issues we help with in the greater Sacramento area.

Most importantly, you can be confident that when you call a Nerd you’ll get the best computer repair and tech support service there is. Since we first started fixing computers way back in 2004 we’ve been voted the best computer repair company in the communities we serve time and time again.

Don’t take our word for it: check out just a few of our Nerds on Call customers’ glowing reviews.

Our professional, skilled technicians are uniquely trained to be friendly and personable so they help make your technical questions understandable. We strive to make your computer and gadgets fun again!

We used to say, “if it plugs in, we can fix it.” But once cars and appliances started incorporating computers in their construct, we had to get a bit more specific, haha.

We spend our days fixing PCs, laptops, desktop computers, Macs and MacBooks – in fact, we work on so many Macs and MacBooks that we sometimes get customers that confuse us with the Apple Store!

Nerds On Call Sacramento tech working on PC

Sacramento Laptop Repairs

One of the most common services we provide in Sacramento is laptop repair. We repair broken laptop screens, fix laptop keyboards, replace broken or insufficient hard drives, increase RAM so your laptop runs more smoothly, and help to ensure that your laptop can get online wherever you need it to.

Laptops have all the same problems as desktop computers: viruses and spyware (malware), privacy attacks, data backup needs, slow to boot up, compatibility issues with devices like printers, etc. But they also offer a host of uniquely mobile device issues like battery problems (not holding a charge as long as it used to or at all) and damage from drops or spills when you’re on the go.

We can help with just about repair your laptop needs.

Our Sacramento repair technicians have advanced skills in screen, keyboard and battery replacement, hard drive and RAM upgrades without losing any of your laptop’s mobile functionality.

Nerds on Call Sacramento based employee working a software update for client.

WiFi Networking in Sacramento

It feels like everything these days requires access to the internet.

So when you’re having trouble with dead spots in your home or office, or you have a device that can’t seem to get or stay connected, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Before you spend 3 hours on the phone with foreign tech support from your ISP (internet service provider), give us a call!

We can set you up with a mesh network like Eero to ensure that all your home’s smart devices can get connected and that you can stream movies and TV shows anywhere in your house that you want to relax.

TV in the lobby of the Nerds On Call Sacramento location

Fastest Tech Support

The quickest and most convenient way to get your computer or laptop fixed is to contact our team of remote support technicians. It’s pretty amazing how many issues they can fix immediately, online, without requiring that you make an appointment for a technician to come to your home or office or have to bring your device into our shop.

Slow computer or laptop issues, problems printing, email issues or compatibility with software applications are just a few of the things we can fix without needing to see your computer in person.

The best part of our remote support team is that they are friendly local technicians. They won’t talk over you or make a complicated issue more complicated by adding a language barrier. Like having your own tech-savvy neighbor on speed dial, when you don’t actually know any tech-savvy people that live next door.

Come on in!

So come on down to our shop in Fair Oaks or give us a call and have the best computer and laptop repair near you come out to your home or office. Call us at 800-919-6373 or send us a message to get free price estimates, set up an appointment, talk to one of our customer service technicians, or get any of your tech questions answered.

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Commonly Asked Computer Repair Questions in Sacramento

Sacramento Repair FAQs

We have a variety of service options in the Sacramento area including in-shop, at your home or office, or online. Many repairs can be done for less than $100, but it depends on your issue. The best way to confirm the cost to repair your computer or laptop is to give us a call for a free estimate. Almost all of our prices are flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about your bill ending up higher than you expected.


Contact us today to chat with a Nerd about the specific technical problem you’re experiencing, schedule an appointment, and/or get more details.

Yes! It’s awful to discover that your data has vanished. Whether it’s your tax records, business documents or those precious photos from the family reunion at Folsom Lake, we offer data recovery. 


While not all data is recoverable (we wish we could upgrade our status from techs to magicians but we’re still waiting on our letter from Hogwarts), its often possible to retrieve your files, especially if the problem is software related.

Of course! Apple devices have a reputation for “just working.” Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, troubleshooting your Apple computer or MacBook can be a tricky business. And when you invest that much money into buying a MacBook or iMac you don’t want to have to replace it before you absolutely have to.


It’s a good thing our local computer repair Sacramento technicians are Apple experts! We’ll restore your Mac to its former glory without breaking the bank.

Absolutely. We know how frustrating it is to have to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting internet issues with Xfinity, Verizon, or AT&T. Save the headache and let our friendly internet experts come to you.


Our IT services crew will get your Internet & WiFi running perfectly, and we’ll make sure all your devices (like smart tech and that new printer) are properly configured to run on your network.