Sacramento Virus Removal Service

Life in Sacramento can be demanding. Busy traffic, sketchy neighborhoods, and computer viruses plaguing your computer and computer viruses are nasty things! They infect, spread, and impair normal function on your PC. They’re really a lot like…well, cold viruses. And just like cold viruses, computer viruses can be difficult to get rid of. They spread everywhere and they don’t really like to be removed. Fortunately, your local Sacramento Nerds on Call knows just how to deal with these scheming little buggers.

We aren’t just a painkiller – we don’t just treat the symptoms. We actually remove the virus from your system and ensure that it won’t happen again. But we offer even more than just virus removal – we offer preventative treatment as well as cleaning up the mess left by the last virus that scourged your system. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Anti-virus installation
  • “Blue screen of death” fixes
  • Damaged data recovery
  • Safe internet behavior tutorials
  • Pop-up error message taming

We don’t want to just fix your problem and dash off – we want to make sure that you are properly equipped to browse the internet without fear of becoming infected and having your virtual life and data disturbed. Our friendly and competent Nerds know how to navigate the web safely and when we remove the viruses for you, we’ll teach you the secrets of our kind.

So if viruses are making your life bothersome and inconvenient, give Nerds on Call a ring. We’ll come to you – right here, in Sacramento!

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Virus Removal

How did I get this virus?

Viruses rely on tricking a user of your computer. Most viruses come along with an offer that seems to good to be true: the perfect answer to your obscure Google search or those compromising pictures of you that a stranger is claiming to have…

Does a hacker have all of my information?

Probably not. Most viruses are simple piece of code designed to do one task. Sometimes a hacker is just trying to annoy people, sometimes control their computer, or gather information en masse. Viruses are by definition ‘dumb.’ They are not targeted attacks; they are simply designed to have as wide a reach as possible.

How do I get rid of a virus without calling someone?

Most viruses can be removed with free software and the steps listed on this page. However, computers that have had many viruses or especially pervasive viruses may require more intensive steps. These can cause data loss and should be performed by a trained professional.

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A hacker is someone who creates programs intended to use others” computers without their permission