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Computer Repair

You might need a nerd if…

  • Your laptop is broken or performing poorly
  • Your desktop computer keeps crashing
  • Your Internet connection is slow or frequently drops out
  • Your fax machine or printer refuse to stay connected to your network

Common Terms

All-in-One PC

A desktop computer that includes a built-in monitor. Similar to a laptop but stationary.

Desk­top Com­pu­ter

A computer intended for stationary use, usually separate from its monitor

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive stores all of your data. It is a box that contains multiple spinning platters. These platters contain data stored magnetically by the hard drive head

broken mac Do you look at your computer and sigh, remembering the golden days when you pressed the On switch and it just worked? Is your computer getting slow and sluggish in its old age? Or maybe you’re fed up with all that old, out-of-date software? What if we told you that Nerds On Call can help you with all these problems and more? Since 2004, we’ve restored over 130,000 computers. If you stacked them one on top of the other that would reach the moon. Twice. … OK, that last bit about the moon isn’t true but the point is, we’ve seen it all: from fritzed fax machines to fur-clogged fans to malfunctioning motherboards.     Here’s our promise to you! If something is not quite right with your computer or its peripherals we have a wide range of services to restore your computer to its full sleek, dependable glory. You can call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be ready to help.   Here are the computer repair services we provide:

Laptop computer repair

Laptops are cool. They’re so cool that if Dr. Emmet Brown had access to a laptop, we’re pretty sure he’d have used it to invent the flux capacitor. They’re light and portable yet grunty enough to run all the applications you’ll need on the go. laptop That cool portability comes at a cost though. They’re a little more fragile than your normal computer. Keys may fall off, its battery may begin to fail or its tiny little cooling fan may begin to lose its oomph. When bad things happen to your laptop, just call us. We have lots of experience in repairing those annoying laptop issues.   Learn more about our laptop repair services here.

Internet help

The Internet is not only the best time waster humans have invented, it’s also an insanely convenient way to to improve your nerd knowledge about everything from space to minibiotus intermedius.  Despite all it has to offer, when things go wrong it can be a nightmare to fix. The problem could exist in many places at once and it takes some careful investigation to figure them out. Luckily, Internet help is only one phone call or message away. We can diagnose your connectivity problems, from slow connections to hardware problems.   Here’s more information about our Internet help service.

Data transfer

data Purchasing a new computer can be an exciting experience. It looks so shiny and perfect when you first power it on, its high-res screen untouched by grubby human fingers. There’s just one tiny problem. It’s blank. Nerds On Call can help you move all the data from your old computer to your new one. We’ll save you a lot of time and make sure you don’t lose any valuable files with our handy data transfer service.

Software upgrades

Using old software on a new computer is a waste of your computer’s true potential. Worse, old software can become unreliable and unstable over time. If you are putting up with old software which doesn’t quite meet your needs or expectations, get in touch with us. We’ll go through your whole computer, updating and upgrading your software for you. We’ll also talk with you about your computing needs and give you good guidance on how to get the best bang for your buck.   Interested in getting the latest software on your machine? See how we can upgrade your software  

Apple Mac computer repair

Apple Macs have the reputation for being those computers which “just work”. It’s true, Mac’s are made with convenience and simplicity as a guiding design principle and for this reason, they are usually a pleasure to use. apple mac computers Unfortunately, they’re still made by imperfect humans and stuff can and will go wrong with them. When this happens, perhaps ironically, they’re often quite tricky to repair or resolve. We have a lot of experience in Apple Mac repair and understand their odd eccentricities.

Desktop computer selection and installation

Purchasing a new computer is intense stuff. Walking down aisle after aisle of glittering new computers with their gorgeous high-res screens is enough to send even the most cautious nerd into a buying frenzy. It’s also enough to make a non-computer savvy person feel completely overwhelmed and tempted to run away from the store as fast as possible. We can help! We’ll talk with you on the phone about your options and we’ll even come to the store with you to help you make a decision. We can also custom build a computer for you from the ground up. We can make the process of selecting, purchasing, and installation of a new desktop so each easier! 

Desktop hardware repair

  desktop hardware A lot of things can go wrong with a desktop computer. We’ve seen it all and are experts at figuring out what piece of hardware is going wrong and how to fix it. If you’re experiencing problems with your desktop, we’ll run a complete diagnostic and give you clear advice. By having a nerd take a look at your computer you can have peace of mind that you’re not going to end up spending a lot more on a new computer when a simple hardware fix will do the trick.     If your hardware has gone kaput, we can repair or replace it.

Computer tuneup

Sometimes your problem may not be that your computer is broken. It may just be that something is not quite right. You might find that it’s slower than it used to be. Perhaps it’s beginning to crash more often. Maybe you’re beginning to get weird pop-up windows appearing on your screen at unusual times. None of these annoying little problems are things you should have to put up with. They’re all issues that can be fixed with a bit of nerdy tinkering and tuning. We’ll run a complete diagnostic on your computer and tune up any of those annoying little problems for you.   We offer a complete tuneup service   Zombie apocalypses, being stranded on Mars and your computer all have one thing in common. It pays to know a nerd who can fix things. Our elite band of nerds can help you with all your computer repair needs and we’re only a phone call or quick message away. Just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.   Visit The Nerds: Having computer troubles? Come in to our computer repair Sacramento shop or one of our other locations across California and Oregon to get your computer fixed today!    

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Questions nerds often hear about Computer Repair

How do I know which computer is right for me?

The right computer for you is going to depend on what you’ll be using it for. If you’re not sure what you need, we recommend you talk to us! We can walk you through the options and even accompany you to the store.

Can you fix my Internet connection over the phone?

We can try! We’ll run you through some easy fixes over the phone. However, there are plenty of reasons an Internet connection may be down and it may require an onsite visit.

I feel like my computer is slower. Is that just what happens when a computer gets older?

There’s no reason to put up with a computer that is gradually slowing down. It’s worth checking a slow computer for malware and hardware failure. It may be a simple fix. If you’re not sure, check with us.