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Desktop Hardware Repair

You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer randomly crashes and you can’t figure out why
  • Some part of your computer has stopped working (graphics, sound, etc)
  • You get the blue screen of death
  • You hear strange sounds coming from your computer
  • You can’t connect to the Internet
  • You don’t have enough USB ports

Common Terms

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive stores all of your data. It is a box that contains multiple spinning platters. These platters contain data stored magnetically by the hard drive head


RAM means Random Access Memory, and is what your computer uses to store things that it is thinking about while it is on. When your computer turns off, everything in RAM goes away.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is a specialized computer that runs inside your computer and processes all the things on the screen. The more detailed the screen activity, the harder the graphics card has to work

Network Card

The network card handles your computer's connection to the internet. It translates the instructions sent by your computer into packets, that can be sent to another computer online.

hardware repair Computers are a complex system of hardware components. Each has its own specific job and all work together in harmony to place a world of computery awesomeness at your fingertips. This is all great when everything works as it should. But sooner or later, a piece of hardware will fail. Maybe the motherboard will fail. Perhaps your sound card will fizzle out. Maybe a serious tuft of cat fur will get stuck somewhere it shouldn’t and cause your processor to overheat. There are countless ways a piece of hardware can let you down and it only takes one of these problems to render your entire computer unusable.   This is where having a nerd in your pocket (figuratively speaking) can be incredibly useful. You see, when we see a busted computer we don’t think, “oh snap. This computer is broken.” Instead, we think “hmmm… I wonder what hardware failure is causing this. Let’s open this magnificent beast up and find out.”     Nerds On Call provides a range of hardware repair services which will get your computer running as fast and reliable as the day you first switched it on. Just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form. Here are the hardware repair services we provide.

We can fix your computer’s motherboard

Your computer’s motherboard is the complicated circuitry which forms the main hub of your computer. Without it, your computer is just an inert box full of assorted electronics. Everything your computer does, from making your mouse move that little arrow to displaying awesome film clips, relies on your motherboard. If your computer is behaving unpredictably, giving out a burnt plastic smell or refusing to boot altogether, your motherboard might be the culprit. We are the nerds who can make that problem go away!   Click here to learn about how we can de-fritz your motherboard.

We’ll solve your graphics problems

Nothing will drive a fellow nerd crazy faster than a monitor which isn’t quite right. If your monitor is flickering, fading in and out or just staring back at you with a cold, black screen, we can figure out what’s going wrong and give you a free estimate on how much it will cost (if anything) to fix. If the problem is your graphics card, we’ll see if there’s any way we can repair it for you. Our nerds are pretty handy with a soldering iron! If not, we’ll set you up with a new graphics card which is perfect for your needs. optical illusion To learn more about how we can get your hilarious cat videos running perfectly again, click here.

We’ll replace dodgy hard drives and protect your data

A hard drive is the part of your computer which stores everything your computer needs to be useful, from its basic operating system files to the data which makes your software run, right through to your personal files such as photos and documents. Not only can we replace a dodgy hard drive, we can give you good advice on how to avoid data loss. If you’re constantly running out of hard drive space, we are the nerds who can set you up with a new, high-capacity hard drive. We can also help you install a complete data protection plan so you need never worry about losing your data again.   Need a new hard drive or help with keeping your data safe? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll keep you connected to the Internet

A network card is hardware that connects your computer to the Internet. If your Internet connection is slow, unreliable or simply isn’t working, Nerds On Call can figure this out for you. We’ll diagnose why you can’t get online and if it is a hardware problem, we’ll install a new network card for you. If your sick of those ethernet cables, we can also help you build a wireless network in your home. If your Internet connection is unreliable, slow or just plain doesn’t work, Nerds On Call can figure out the issue for you and solve it for good. person using the internet Click here to learn how we can get you connected to fast and reliable Internet.

We’ll protect your computer from overheating

If your fan is clogged with dust or making weird noises, your fan may need servicing or replacement. Your computer may also need to be thoroughly cleaned of dust and other debris to protect sensitive components from damage. We can clean your computer of dust and gunk, which will greatly reduce your computer’s chances of becoming damaged from overheating. We’ll also test your fans to be sure they’re doing their job. If not, we’ll try to fix them for you by replacing the bearings and lubricant. Failing that, we’ll do a replacement. Oh, and if you own pets we can even set you up with a filter so that it’s much easier for your computer to stay clean (probably not necessary if you own an iguana or one of these).   Click here to learn how we can help you with fans and overheating.

We’ll make your computer zippier by upgrading its RAM

Your computer stores everything that it is currently thinking about in RAM. If you’re running a program, it is in RAM. If you’re looking at a Rick Astley fan webpage, you guessed it, it’s in RAM. RAM The more RAM you have, the more your computer is able to think about at the same time. If your computer is running slow or crashing all the time, it may be that a RAM upgrade will make a big difference. Nerds On Call can make your speed problems go away with a RAM upgrade.   Do you have a need for speed? Click here to learn how we can help.

We’ll make sure your computer is getting power

Without a functional power supply, your computer is just a really expensive paperweight. If your computer isn’t turning on, gives off a burning smell or produces odd grinding noises, you may be dealing with a power supply issue. Power supplies are dangerous pieces of hardware to mess with unless you know what you’re doing. They handle a serious amount of electricity. Nerds On Call can replace and repair your power supply and you can have peace of mind that your computer, you and your pet iguana are completely safe.   We can keep your power supply functioning properly. Click here to learn more.

We’ll give you more USB ports

Most computer users can’t get by without a generous number of available USB ports. Any kind of data storage device or smartphone you’re likely to use on a daily basis plugs into one of those nifty rectangular slots. We can set you up with a USB 3.0 hub which is blazing fast. Need ten or more slots to handle that mountain of devices you need to plug in? No problem. We can make that happen too. We can also replace USB ports which are malfunctioning. If you’ve lost data on a USB device we may even be able to retrieve it for you. USB Want to learn more about how we can set you up with a stack of fast USB ports? Click here.

We’ll make sure your SD cards keep working

SD cards are great at storing lots of data but they’re just a small, easily damaged bit of plastic surrounding a chip. They can overheat, become physically damaged very easily. When this happens, not only do you lose the card, you lose all the data that was stored on it. Nerds On Call can provide you with a high-quality SD card reader which won’t corrupt those precious little cards. We’ll also help you set up an external hard drive, so all your photos and media will be protected. If you do have a damaged SD card, we can even try to retrieve the data for you.   Need help with SD cards and SD card readers? We’re the nerds you’re looking for.

We can make sure your computer’s processor is fast and reliable

Your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is the part of your computer which is most responsible for calculating. It processes data and issues instructions about how that data needs to flow within your computer. If your computer is freezing up, struggling with speed or suddenly won’t boot, the CPU may be your problem. We can run a complete diagnostic of your computer and find out exactly what is going wrong. If your CPU has simply become dislodged or needs more heat protection, we can re-seat the chip and ensure it’s surrounded with cooling compound. We can also upgrade your computer with a CPU to make it run faster. cpu Need help with a re-seated or new CPU? We’re here to help.

We’ll get the sound working on your computer

A sound card receives and sends audio. Whether you’re using Skype to chat, listening to this awesome Star Wars medley or playing a podcast, the thing that makes the listeny goodness happen is your computer’s sound card. If your sound is crackling, intermittent or just plain poor, we can look into it for you. We’ll diagnose sound problems and we can install a high-quality sound card which delivers crystal clear awesome sound.   If you want perfect music or a more immersive gaming experience, click here.

Need a Nerd to get hardware repair? We’re rearing to go!

If your computer’s hardware is giving you grief, get in touch with us. We know our way around a computer’s innards like Captain Picard knows the floor plan of the Starship Enterprise. We’ll repair or replace your hardware and get your computer back to perfect working order.   Just call us at 800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form for hardware repair services.  

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Questions nerds often hear about Desktop Hardware Repair

My computer just stopped working. Do I need a new one?

Not necessarily. Your computer is made up of lots of components and these can be repaired or replaced without having to purchase a completely new computer. Unless your computer is very old, it may be worth seeing if it can be inexpensively repaired.


Will I have to bring my computer in to you?

No. We can come to you! If you are having computer problems give us a call. We are happy to come to you.


Is there a giant invisible zeppelin concealing a top-secret nerd academy in the sky?

No. Who told you that? We want names and numbers.