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SD Card Reader Repair

You might need a nerd if…

  • Your SD card won’t read
  • You want a way to back up your photos
  • You need a better quality SD card reader to protect your portable data
SD card reader repair   The first computer hard drive sported a whopping data storage capacity of 5 megabytes - roughly the data needed to download this song from Youtube. It weighed about 550 pounds (which is about 3.57 Rick Astleighs, according to our in-depth research).   We’ve come a long way with data storage! These days, you can purchase a 32,000 megabyte SD card (FYI that’s a lot of Rick Astley songs) for roughly ten bucks. These amazing storage devices are the size of a thumbnail and weigh a few grams if that. SD cards (also known as secure digital cards) have made a huge difference to how we capture data. Digital cameras, audio recorders, pretty much anything we use to store data portably in as small a device as possible, relies on an SD card. There’s just one potential hiccup. SD cards are great at storing lots of data but they’re just a tiny, unprotected chip in a flimsy plastic housing. They can overheat, become physically damaged or just basically give up the ghost very easily. When this happens, the data loss can be heartbreaking. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to protect your SD cards and how Nerds On Call can help you protect your precious data. If you have an SD card that won’t work, drop us a line. We may be able to recover the data for you.

How to protect your SD card from being damaged

The best way to protect your SD card and its valuable data is also the simplest. It’s a matter of bearing in mind that an SD card is not indestructible! Many people assume that because it doesn’t have any moving parts it must be incredibly difficult to harm it. This is absolutely not the case. Any bends, drops or physical stresses can and will damage your SD card. Here are a few specific tips.

Store your card safely

SD cards come with a small plastic case. When your SD card isn’t in use, this is where it should live. Never carry it in your pocket or stash it in a drawer unprotected. Think of it as a tiny hard drive, because that is basically what it is. memory cards

Be careful about inserting and ejecting it into your device

SD cards can only be inserted one way. Well, that’s not entirely true. You can insert them the wrong way if you push really hard! The problem is they’ll make a little crunch noise and from then on, your SD card will only work as a guitar pick (and they’re not even very good at that). Whenever you insert or remove an SD card it’s a good idea not to rush and to do it gently.  

Use a good quality SD card reader

Having a good quality SD card reader can make all the difference. A poor quality reader can overheat your SD card or house it incorrectly. Both problems can cause harm to your SD card’s delicate contacts. For this reason, we highly recommend investing a few extra dollars in a mid-range reader. SD card reader  

SD card reader repair and how we can help

We can try to recover corrupt SD card data

Losing family or vacation photos is an awful moment. If your SD card won’t work and you want to recover its data, we can try our best to access it for you. A lot of the time, with the right nerdy know-how, a partial or full recovery of SD card data is possible.

We’ll help you permanently store your photos

So you have an SD card full of amazing photos. Now what? A lot of our customers struggle with finding a reliable, easy storage solution for all their photos. We can help by installing an external hard drive on your computer and setting up a backup system for you. Your photos will all be in one place and your memories will be safe.

We’ll set you up with good quality equipment

If you have an old SD card reader or if you’re just not sure if it’s reliable, we can check it for you. We can also set you up with a good quality SD card reader if you need one.
SD cards are amazing little things but it can be a nightmare when something goes wrong with them. Nerds On Call can help you protect your memories. Just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about SD Card Reader Repair

What does SD card stand for?

The ‘SD’ stands for Secure Digital.


What are SD cards used for?

These days the most common use for an SD card is in a digital camera. You’ll also find them in audio recorders and Go Pro portable video recorders. Any handheld device which needs to record a lot of data will likely use an SD card.


How do I get my pictures from my SD card to my computer?

While some computers will have a dedicated slot for an SD card, most of the time you’ll need an SD reader. This little device plugs into your computer’s USB port and sends data from your SD card to your computer’s hard drive.


Oh no! I think I lost all the pictures from my vacation!

Data can sometimes be retrieved from a corrupt SD card and we may be able to help. We can try to recover the data for you.


I need help storing my photos somewhere more permanent

Photos are precious, we get it! We’ll help you set up a data backup solution so that you can get your photos off that tiny SD card and onto bigger and more reliable storage. We’ll even show you how to get those pictures up onto your TV!