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  • We’re voted among the best in Sacramento county since 2004.

  • Providing top notch computer repair services in west, south, north, east, and downtown Sacramento CA.

  • Our friendly Nerds can repair Macs, Macbooks, PCs, desktops, and laptops!

  • Did you break your laptop or computer screen? Our Nerds can make Apple or PC computers look brand new.

  • We offer onsite repair. If you’re in the Sacramento area, we can come to your home and fix your computer!

  • Whether you have questions or need advice with your tech, our highly reviewed technicians can help.

  • Our pricing is different for each situation. Call us now and to discuss your repair cost!

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Have you been searching for Computer Repair Sacramento or Computer Repair Near Me (or something along those lines)?

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Sacramento Computer Repair - Nerds On Call

Nerds On Call has been repairing PCs and Macs since 2004!

If you live in the Sacramento area and have a problem with your tech, Nerds On Call can help. Not to brag or anything, but we’ve seen it all—and we know how to fix it!

Whether for your home or business, our black belts in Nerd Fu can get your computer running as perfectly as the day you first bought it.

We’re fast. We’re reliable. We’re inexpensive. Here's what we offer:

  • Tech Shop Repairs (same day appointments available!)
  • Online Remote Support
  • Mobile Support (we'll come to you!)

Below are our computer repair services.

Windows PC Repairs

windows computer repair

Is your Windows PC getting slow and sluggish? Is it crashing frequently or do you constantly find yourself running out of hard drive space?

Nerds On Call is experienced in all aspects of PC Repair. We’ll run a full diagnostic for you and restore your PC to its sleek, dependable glory.

Apple Mac Repair

Mac Repair Sarcamento

Apple products have a reputation for “just working.” Unfortunately, when something does go wrong, if you’re not highly experienced Mac repair and troubleshooting can be a tricky business.

If your iMac or MacBook is too slow, unreliable or out of date, bring it into us, or we can come to you! Our mac repair Sacramento technicians are experts with Apple computer repairs. We’ll restore your Mac to perfect condition for you.

Hardware Repair

hardware repair Sacramento

If your computer’s performance and reliability aren’t what they used to be, we may be able to upgrade or repair the computer hardware for you—and for a fraction of the cost of a new machine!

Our hardware repair technicians are trained in all kinds of repair work, small and large. Whether you’re looking for motherboard repair, a full screen replacement or even a full tune up service, we’ll fix your computer for you, quickly and inexpensively.

Internet Problems

Home Network Setup Service Sacramento

Because we’re a mobile computer repair and upgrade service, we’re an excellent option if your home or business is having Internet connectivity problems.

We’ll come to you and do a complete network troubleshoot for you. We’ll get your Internet and WiFi running perfectly, and we’ll make sure all your devices (like televisions and printers) are properly configured to run on your network.

More of Our Computer Services

  • Data Recovery
  • Laptop Repair
  • Apple mac repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Hardware

Data Recovery

Data Recovery SacramentoSacramento Data Recovery

Losing data is the worst.

Whether it’s your tax records, business documents or those precious family photos, it’s an awful moment to discover that your data has vanished into the ether.

Based in Sacramento, Nerds On Call are experts at retrieving data from all kinds of devices, including external drives, desktop computers, laptops, handheld devices, and even SD cards.

We’ll provide our data restoration service, and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about losing your files again.

Here’s how we can help you.

We’ll Bring the Tech to You!

We’ll come to your home or place of business, fitting in with your schedule and making the process as easy as possible for you. No need to unplug your devices. No messing around with postage. We’ll simply arrive at your front door and get to work!

We’ll Perform a Free Diagnostic Service

Every problem is different. We’re not going to lumber you with the full cost of a complete data restoration if we can retrieve your data in a matter of minutes.

For this reason, the first thing we’ll do for you is perform a detailed diagnostic of your computer. We’ll then give you solid, no-obligation advice on what to do next.

If There’s a Way to Get Your Data Back, We’ll Find it!

While hardware failure can be a tricky business, we’ll bring the full nerdish force of our specialized hardware and software to retrieve your data.

We have a fantastic track record in recovering data from damaged storage, and we’re confident you couldn’t place your data in more capable hands.

We’ll Protect Your Data From Future Disaster

Fixing your data loss problem is only part of the service we provide!

Once your data is restored, our friendly data nerds will work with you to set up a reliable backup system so that you never have to experience that sinking moment again.

Why We're the Best Computer Repair in Sacramento

Sacramento Nerd Ready to Repair Computers

Your local Sacramento Computer Repair Nerd

If you’re based in Sacramento and looking for a top-notch computer repair service that is nearby, friendly and reliable, Nerds On Call won’t let you down.

We’re also a fully mobile and in-home computer repair service, making us the most convenient option if you’re short on time and in a hurry to get your computer back on track.

Just give us a call on 916-306-5819 or give us a message on our contact page.

Testimonials From Our Dear Sacramento Customers

Best Computer Repair Sacramento

I am a long time Nerds on Call user, and I love this service. Their service is exceptional and very professional.  I now use them only on a remote basis, but because I am so confident in their service, I see no reason to find another local provider.

DANA M. //  Sacramento CA Computer Repair Customer

Folsom Computer Repair

The best computer repair in Sacramento! Always able to help solve our needs. Been a customer for over 8 years! I wouldn't dream of using anyone else.

Marc J. //  Folsom Computer Repair Customer

Computer Repair Elk Grove

I searched "computer repair Elk Grove"  because I needed my computer fixed, so I called Nerds on call I spoke to Sean who took care of me right away. I had my computer fixed and back to me just with in a week. I'm very happy with the work they did and Excellent Customer Service!!!!!!!! Thank You Nerds on Call.

Kyle W. //  Elk Grove Computer Repair Customer

Roseville computer repair

I would like to start by saying I was very impressed with the service we received from the representative, Matt. He was very good and knew his craft well. On the other hand, the price for services rendered was more than we hoped. Overall, we were very pleased with the service we received.

Marybeth S. //  Roseville Computer Repair Customer

Computer Repair South Sacramento Review

My login password was failing and my laptop could no longer auto connect with wi-fi routers. I Googled "computer repair South Sacramento." Camron got me back in operation quickly with an effective software repair solution. You guys are great! Thanks for having a direct solution for getting us back to work promptly so we can quit wasting our time trying to fix a compromised system!

Kevin G. //  South Sacramento Computer Repair Customer

Our Sacramento Story

By 2005, we had “cut our teeth” on two small towns in Northern California. We were ready for the big city.

Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento would be our 3rd location in the North State, but providing computer repair to a much bigger city posed some unique challenges.

First, the cost of rent for tech repair shops was higher than anywhere we’d considered opening a store.

Ryan and Andrea Eldridge, the founders of Nerds On Call Sacramento Computer Repair, wanted to open a location in or around West Sacramento or downtown Sacramento.

Andrea went to UC Davis, and her best friend’s family lived in Fair Oaks, so it was an area of town that she was familiar with and fond of.

After looking for a few weeks, they settled on our tech repair shop at 4315 Marconi Avenue, just next to Carmichael and Arden-Arcade. Who could resist with that amazing Thai restaurant across the street?

After a few weeks of renovating the Sacramento location, Nerds On Call opened its doors.

Computer Repair Shop Sacramento

Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento Store

But before any computer repair could actually take place, Nerds On Call would need some Nerds to do the repairs. After 200 interviews, they finally selected the first two Nerds in Sacramento.

They were rigorously trained in virus removal, computer repair, laptop repair, and of course, courteous customer service.

But getting a foothold in the busy Sacramento ecosystem was arduous! In the small towns we’d set up in previously, residents read the local paper and talked to their neighbors, so news traveled fast of a new computer repair company offering in-home or in-office service. But Sacramento is different.

We spent loads of money on flyers and advertising waiting for word of mouth to kick in. We almost gave up!

Luckily, through perseverance and the growth of our loyal customer base, we started to build our Nerds on Call Sacramento brand steadily.

It was not an overnight success – people didn’t suddenly wake up in the morning thinking “Gee, I really need computer repair,” but slowly the steam began to build.

The phone rang more, and internet requests started trickling in larger and larger numbers.

Finally, by 2011 Nerds On Call Sacramento was busier than it had ever been.

Word of mouth from customers had begun to spread through the city.

People who hadn’t needed their computer fixed at the time of the grand opening started to have computer problems with their computers and heard from their friends that “this great new computer repair place” could fix their computer with a smile and a guarantee.

The Nerds on Call Sacramento store grew to be so successful that it fueled the growth of the next several locations that Nerds established. Read their stories here.

Nerds On Call is indebted to the people of Sacramento for their loyalty and gracious reviews. We believe that good work and quality help will sell itself to the people who use it.

Today, Nerds On Call Computer Repair Sacramento is still thriving. Ryan regularly appears on Sacramento’s beloved Good Day Sacramento to provide helpful tech tips to the city Nerds has come to love.

Check out some recent episodes on our blog.

We have dedicated computer and laptop repair specialists stationed in the city, and Nerd’s services hundreds upon hundreds of Sacramento computers every month. We hope to keep growing so we can help to fix more computers in the greater Sacramento area!