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Data Backup

Your photo files, family tree records, and other personal data aren’t just files — they’re memories. While your computer can easily be recovered if your hard drive crashes, all that precious personal data of yours is another story. It’s irreplaceable. A backup system is the only way to be sure your files are safe from a mishap. Nerds On Call’s online computer support service is a quick, easy and reliable way to get your data protected with a solid data backup system. All you need to do is sign up to our service, follow the easy instructions to connect with one of our nerd computer gurus, and we’ll do the rest. Just grab a coffee and relax while we get to work making sure your data is professionally backed up and safe. Those memories are too important and precious to leave to chance.

Three Things You Should Know About Data Backup

A lot of our customers aren’t fully up to speed on what data backup is and why it’s so important. We won’t bore you with too many techy details but there are three key points you should understand.
  1. Prevention is Better Than Cure!

You go to the doctor for a checkup so that you can deal with health problems before they get serious, right? Same deal with computers. Having a good backup system in place before you experience a hard drive crash is by leaps and bounds the best way to protect your data. If your computer is perfectly healthy, now is exactly the right time to get that backup system going.
  1. Time Machine and Other Local Solutions Don’t Make You Completely Safe

Sure, using Time Machine or similar local solutions for backing up your data is a great start. However, this still means all your data is under your roof. It’s still possible to lose all your data. A cloud backup solution can work alongside your local backup solution and make sure your files will always be retrievable.
  1. All Hard Drives Can Fail

The last point you should know is an easy one. All physical hardware can and will fail, often when you least expect it. If you have a computer which is less than a year old, don’t get complacent! Hard drives can fail at any point in their operational life. It’s wise to have a backup system in place on day one.

How We Can Help Keep Your Data Safe

As we’ve already mentioned the best time to contact us is before you notice any problems with your computer, but if your computer is making odd noises or if you’re beginning to lose files, get in touch with us as soon as possible! Through our online service, we can get started right away on securing your data. First, we can help you set up an iDrive personal backup account. This is a clean, simple online solution for getting all your important files duplicated on a safe, fast and fully encrypted remote server. This is the quickest and easiest way to get your data protected. We can also walk you through setting up a range of local backup solutions. We can give you advice on hardware you need and then walk you through how to get it up and running as a local backup solution.

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Questions nerds often hear about Data Backup

My computer is completely fine and I only bought it six months ago. Do I really need to worry about a backup solution now?

Yes. Absolutely. Hard drives are, on the whole, fairly reliable. However, they’re incredibly complicated and are prone to fail when you least expect it. Even when they’re new. A backup solution is a smart choice for all computer owners.

Is data backup expensive?

Actually, no! It’s quite reasonable. Cloud backup services usually charge a small monthly fee. Local external hard drives are getting cheaper all the time. It’s not expensive given the peace of mind it provides.

My hard drive is making grinding noises and I’m noticing some of my files aren’t opening. What do I do?

We suggest you leave your computer on, but don’t use it. Instead, call us at 800 631 7402. We can offer you on point advice to maximize your chances of getting your data backed up quickly. Better safe than sorry!