We Can Repair Your Computer Online

Get Premium Technical Support Now!

  • Get your computer fixed online right now
  • Speak with US based Nerds
  • Speed up your computer
  • Fix computer errors
  • Flat rates, no hourly charges

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We Can Fix Your Computer Online

Get Premium Tech Support Now!

  • Get your computer fixed online right now
  • Speak with US based Nerds
  • Speed up your computer
  • Fix computer errors
  • Flat rates, no hourly charges

We're Just a Call Away!
Call 916-306-5813

online computer repair support

Not every computer problem requires a hands-on repair! In fact, the vast majority of computer problems can be fixed online by a nerd with the right know-how.

With our online computer repair services, there’s a great chance we can get your computer up and running without you even having to leave your desk (unless you want to grab a coffee.)

Online Computer Repair Service with Nerds On Call

Our online service is fast and affordable.

We make sure we explain to you exactly what’s going on with your computer and why the problem happened to begin with. Our goal is to make sure that once your computer issue is fixed, it stays fixed. We offer PC support and Mac support sessions.

Call us at 916-306-5813 to get started or view our online support pricing below.

What We Can Help With 

  • Fixing Printers that won’t print, or which don’t cooperate with your WiFi network.
  • virus Removal, spyware & malware Removal. We remove it and protect you from future infections.
  • Installing, removing, updating or upgrading your existing software, so that your computer is 100% up to date.
  • Resolving boot (startup) errors, frequent crashing or other annoying problems which stop your computer in its tracks.
  • Getting rid of annoying pop ups and other unwanted messages appearing on your screen.
  • Computer Speed Tune Up your computer’s performance.
  • Backing up your precious data, and showing you how to keep your files safe from hardware failure, malware or human error.

Interested? Getting Started is Easy!

Here’s all you need to do to get your computer issues resolved:

  • 1
    Purchase one of our plans (listed below).
  • 2
    Get connected with one of our highly trained Nerds.
  • 3
    Grab a coffee, relax and we’ll do the rest!

Pricing Package Options

15-min quick Fix



*Limited support time

Got an email which won’t send? A printer which refuses to print? Unsure how to run a virus check? We’ll aim to get you back on track in 15 minutes.

Service Plan




Yearly unlimited support time

If you’re looking for a complete computer support solution all year-round, our Service Plan is your ticket to hassle-free computing 24/7, 365 days a year.

*Note: If your quick fix runs a few minutes over, there's no extra charge. However, if the quick fix does take longer than usual, you can pay the difference for our Unlimited Time Fix package.

Disclaimer: Our US-based remote computer repair technicians are available from 8 am - 8 pm (PST) Monday - Friday. And 9 am - 6 pm (PST) on Sundays. If you order outside our online hours of operation, we'll fulfill your order as soon as we're back online. Lastly make sure to have an internet connection before ordering.

Nerds On Call is a tech repair company in Sacramento, CA. Our online computer technicians, just like the ones in our repair shop, work hard to make your computer repair experience is as quick & pleasant as possible.


" WOW " I had one scary virus on my computer, I could not even get it off the screen and the awesome Nerds fellow told me what to do and their virus removal team took care of it , they shot it down in just minutes, I must say they sure calmed down this old guys nerves, it working just fine again!

LeRoy R. | Portland, OR

I have used Nerds on Call for computer repairs for several years now. I found them after having serious virus problems and never considered leaving their service. I can log on any time and get the PC help I need. No trips to their location or lost service of my computer. Well done and hats off to Nerds on Call!

Don S. | Sacramento, CA

Whether you're having PC problems with a printer, a computer, or any other vital electronic device, these Nerds can assist you to the best of their ability. Compared to other techy related companies, they are some of the most knowledgeable and approachable I've done business with.

Chris H. | Chicago, IL

Their approach to handling new customers is very hands on and intimate, which gives your interaction with them significantly more weight than the average company. Over the years of doing business with many different kinds of companies, I've realized it's increasingly more difficult to find. My Windows 8 computer had never worked better since they repaired it. Highly recommend!

Tammy M. | Summerville, SC