You might need a nerd if…

  • One or more keys on your keyboard are missing, sticky, or not functioning properly
  • You spilled something over your keyboard (whoops!)
  • Your keyboard isn’t working correctly and you’d like to learn more about broken keyboard repair
  • Most of your keyboard is working perfectly! But you need missing key repair on just one or two of its buttons
  • Your keyboard seems fine, but it just won’t connect to your computer
  • You’re looking for a reliable Sacramento technician to complete a broken keyboard repair or missing key repair

Sacramento Missing Broken Keyboard Repair Service

Broken keyboard repair recently done a laptop.

Broken keyboard repair for laptops — it’s a thing

If you own a desktop computer and your keyboard gives up the ghost, nine times out of ten the best and cheapest option is to go out and grab yourself a new keyboard. If you own a laptop you don’t get that luxury! 

But fear not. Broken keyboard repair for laptops is indeed a thing. And it’s a service our Sacramento nerds can provide quickly, reliably, and at a flat rate. If your laptop keyboard is broken or just not performing as well as it should, a broken keyboard repair (or even just a missing key repair) can get your laptop back in good working order — and usually these repairs are surprisingly inexpensive. 

So pull up a chair, grab your refreshing beverage of choice (being careful not to spill it over your keyboard) and let us explore the fascinating world of broken keyboard repair. Get ready to learn about what a broken keyboard repair looks like, how we can get hyper-specific with a missing key repair, and what you can do at home to keep your keyboard as clicky-clacky responsive as the day you unsheathed it from its pristine box and said “ooh.”

But first, a spot of housekeeping. If you’re done dealing with a distressingly dysfunctional “D” key, just give us a call at 1-800-919-6373. Or you can write to us via our contact form (trying very hard to choose words without the letter D in them). If you’re in Sacramento, we can even set you up with a broken keyboard repair service in the comfort of your own home. 

Keyboard software problems

First off, we have a bombshell revelation for you: Keyboards run on software. Even if your keyboard isn’t working at all, the problem may not actually be hardware-related. It could instead be that the software running it is glitching in some way. Even if you think you might need a missing key repair, your problem may actually be a purely software-related problem. Weird huh? 

If we don’t see obvious physical damage, our first port of call in performing a broken keyboard repair will be to carefully check the drivers and software supporting your keyboard function. Occasionally a software problem is a little more complex, however. If necessary, we’ll dig through your laptop manufacturer’s website to troubleshoot the problem for you. We charge a flat rate, so you can be confident you’re getting maximum nerd smarts from a local Sacramento tech at no added cost. 

Cleaning your keyboard

So let’s say we see nothing physically wrong, and we’ve ruled out software as a problem. The next step in our broken keyboard repair service is to give it a deep clean. Now you don’t need to be feeling self-conscious! Every computer keyboard will accumulate grime over time. This is no reflection on you!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way here’s a kind of weird and surprising broken keyboard repair factoid for you. Properly cleaning a keyboard is actually quite hard. The nerd performing your broken keyboard repair will get to where you can’t with a careful application of compressed air. Even if we’re just performing a missing key repair, it’s amazing how often a blast of compressed air can dislodge a bit of grime that is preventing it from functioning properly. 

Nerds On Call Sacramento Missing Broken Keyboard Repair recently done on MacBook.

Missing key repair

We also perform missing key repair and broken key repair. So let’s say your keyboard is fine except for just one or two letters. We can narrow in on fixing just those keys without you having to replace the whole keyboard. 

The great thing about missing key repair is that you save both money and time. Just send your laptop into us or give us a call, and a Sacramento tech will come to you. Typically we can swap out a key for you in minutes. 

Replacing the entire keyboard

Sometimes a laptop keyboard is just too far gone. For example, liquid damage usually means that your broken keyboard repair will involve a full keyboard replacement. While keyboard replacement is a more involved and demanding technical process, our mobile Sacramento repair technicians travel equipped with all the tools they need to perform more demanding kinds of broken keyboard repair. If you do need a full keyboard replacement, we’ll walk you through your options and give you a clear breakdown of the cost before we begin the repair. 

From missing key repair to full keyboard replacement — we do it all

Here’s the take-home message: You don’t have to put up with a failing laptop keyboard! 

Drop your laptop into our Sacramento store or give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 and we will come out to you. A fully accredited tech guru is on call to perform a fast and reliable broken keyboard repair or missing key repair on your laptop. 

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Missing Broken Keyboard Repair

My keyboard is only missing a few keys. Do you do missing key repairs?

Why yes we do! While some laptop keyboards are trickier to do spot repairs on than others, we’ll do everything we can to repair only what needs repairing. If we can perform a broken keyboard repair for you without replacing it, we’ll absolutely pursue the cheaper repair solution.

What about just using an external keyboard?

You can! But you own a laptop! Why lug around an extra keyboard when a quick fix makes the problem go away? Are we right or are we right?! 

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