You might need a nerd if…

  • Your WiFi is unreliable
  • You can’t get your TV to connect to your smartphone
  • You can’t get your smartphone to connect to your printer
  • Half your living room coffee table is filled with an assortment of remote control devices
  • You had a go at performing your own home network setup and nothing worked. Or maybe it even got worse!
  • You wish you could find a cool, smart, and reliable nerd in the Sacramento area to do a home network setup for you while you sit back and eat sugar iced cookies

Sacramento Home Network Service

Before we dive into describing our home network setup service, let’s start with a basic description.

Huh? Home network setup? What does that mean?

Have you ever seen a bunch of toddlers at a birthday party? They’re all hyped up on sugar, their attention spans maxed out on a heady blend of party games, novelty whistles and endless miniature hotdogs. I mean it’s fun to watch, but let’s face it, this is not an ideal setting in which to catch up on your reading, quietly ponder your next road trip out of Sacramento, or kick back with your favorite TV show. Figuratively speaking, a poorly configured home network is this kids’ birthday party in technological form. All your devices are configured higgledy-piggledy, crashing about your network in an oblivious, miniature hotdog-fueled frenzy — only hopefully with no actual hotdogs. 

Without a properly configured home network setup, your online devices compete chaotically, never working quite as you expect. You’ll know you need our home network service if your home life is an endless process of network troubleshooting involving everything from your desktop computer to your printer and television. 

Nerds on Call can bring peace and calm to your home network. We can get your computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, TVs — anything that connects to the Internet — working as smoothly as you could hope for. Put simply, a home network setup will make your home technological life easier. And better yet, our service is mobile! So wherever you are in Sacramento, we’ll come to your home or office and charge one competitive flat fee, no matter how long it takes. 

All that extra peace is just a phone call away. Call us at 1-800-919-6373 to speak to a nerd, or you can learn more here about our pricing

Benefits of our home network setup service

Here are some cool upgrades you can get as part of our home network setup service.

Home office is ready a new home network setup Sacrament was completed.

Home network setup task #1: Improve your WiFi performance

The backbone of our home network setup is to get your WiFi functioning properly. When your Sacramento Internet Service provider came to your home to install your Internet service, they probably plugged your modem and router in and set you up with basic connectivity. 

We take it to the next level, carefully configuring your WiFi to maximize its performance. We’ll also check your overall coverage. If you have black spots (areas where WiFi can’t reach) we’ll work to fix that for you as part of our home network setup service. 

We’ll get your devices properly networked

Then we’ll run the magnifying device over your devices and how they communicate with one another. For example, if you have a network-capable printer, we can make it available as an asset to all your devices. That’ll let you print from anywhere in the house! Or if you have a smart TV, we’ll configure it so you can take full advantage of those techno smarts — controlling it with your smartphone, browsing the Internet, even linking it up to your smart speaker. Oh, and are you sick of using a handful of remotes to control your devices? We can combine all your remotes into one universal remote. 

Home network setup is completed after ethernet cable was installed.

We’ll install Ethernet cable

WiFi is a wonderful technology, but it is far from perfect. If you live in a large home or are surrounded by many competing networks you may find that your WiFi connectivity is patchy, slow, or unreliable. While Ethernet isn’t necessary for most situations, as part of our home network setup service we’ll assess your network limitations and offer you advice on when it might be worth your consideration. We’ll also set you up with a free no-obligation quote. 

We’ll explain how everything works

And finally, here’s one of the more important things that separates our home network setup from the competition. We’ll help build your knowledge; we won’t just fix your problem for you and vanish. At Nerds on Call, we take pride in making sure your problem stays gone. As part of our Sacramento mobile service, we’ll take the time to show you how your home network functions, giving you useful tips for ongoing maintenance. Of course, if you do have other problems down the line, you can always just call us. One of the great benefits of working with a Sacramento company is that we’re only a few minutes away. 

How do I get a nerd to help with a full home network setup?

Just call us on 800-919-6373 to set up a same-day appointment. We’re based right here in Sacramento and offer a fully mobile service. We also offer free no-obligation quotes, and if you do choose to work with us, we charge a flat rate.

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Home Network Setup

Why is a home network setup necessary?

Even though your Internet Service Provider got your network functioning when they set you up with your Internet service, these companies rarely take the time to optimize a home network. As part of a Nerds on Call home network setup, we make sure you are getting the best speed out of your network, and that all your devices are communicating seamlessly. 

Does home network setup require extra equipment?

Usually, all you need is a modem and a router (the stuff you’ll be given when you sign up for your Internet service.) However, if your network needs extra equipment, we can offer you a no-obligation quote along with a clear explanation of how it’ll help you. 

Part of my house has a bad WiFi signal. Can you fix that?

Yes, we can! We can upgrade your connection with a WiFi mesh network that’ll greatly improve coverage across your whole home. We can also run Ethernet through your home or business.

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