Sacramento Desktop Home Networking Service

Home networking connects everything in your house! From your internet-enabled TV or DVD player to your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, and much more, a properly set-up home network keeps your house running like clockwork! Here in Sacramento, we like everything to run together smoothly. It helps us all keep our busy lives in order and makes our entertainment and relaxing time more pleasant. It can be frustrating sometimes when your devices don’t talk to each other the way they should. Your TV loses sight of your DVR and then your shows don’t record the way they should or your phone can’t find your computer and all those pictures of Sacramento you took yesterday can’t be edited.

Nerds On Call can help all your devices play well together. If you want to connect your printer on one side of the house to your laptop on the other, we can do that for you. If you want to stream video from your iPad to your television and play audio on your 1000-watt speaker system, we can help you do that too. Home networking is more than just home networking these days. It’s an entire virtual life, in and out of the house.  We want to make sure it runs smoothly for you. We can set up your home network, troubleshoot an existing network, integrate your Smartphone and tablet, attach your printers and scanners to the rest of the network, or connect your home theatre to the rest of the house. We can also set up Mac networks – connecting your iPads, iPhones, iMacs, Apple TVs, and Macbooks. If you have technology, we can make it talk. We’re diplomatic that way.

So click the chat below or give us a call to talk to one of our knowledgeable Nerds to get your home network set up by friendly techs right here in Sacramento!

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Desktop Home Networking

Why is my internet not working?

There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it’s a problem with the modem and it just needs to be reset. Other times your internet service provider might be having technical difficulties.

Are the modem and router the same thing?

The modem is what provides your connection to the internet and the router provides the wifi signal. Sometimes they are combined into a single unit

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