You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer is producing a nasty melty burny (NMB) smell. (Pro nerd tip: never ignore an NMB smell.)
  • Your computer is making an angry electrical buzzy (AEB) sound. (Second pro nerd tip: never ignore an AEB sound.)
  • Your computer is suddenly emanating a ton of extra heat
  • You aren’t sure if your computer needs computer power supply repair, and you’re looking for a Sacramento computer tech to check your computer out and give you solid advice
  • You’ve tried your own PC power supply repair and the fix didn’t turn out as you’d hoped
  • You’re in Sacramento, you have a dead computer, and you’re seeking a smart nerdy type person to come to your home to perform a computer power supply repair

Sacramento Power Supply Repair Service

It’s so easy to take On switches for granted. We live in an age where you can just plonk yourself down in front of your laptop, hit the go button, and wait for the colorful screeny goodness to arrive. Unless you own one of these, no hand cranking is required. Unless you own one of these, no frantic bicycle pedaling is needed to get your morning social media fix. 

(If you do own one of those ^^^, please drop us a line or drop into our Sacramento store; we want to meet you.)

But what actually happens when you hit that On switch? Quite a lot as a matter of fact, and it all revolves around this mysterious chunk of technology known as a power supply. This wonderful component converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) which allows you to turn on your computer to do important computer things (like listening to Australian rock music band, AC/DC.) 

Power supplies and PC power supply replacement

Crucially, your computer’s power supply provides a precise amount of current to your computer’s components, keeping them operating as intended while protecting each component from damaging electrical spikes. 

But sometimes things go wrong, and when they do it’s important to perform a computer power supply repair quickly before other components in your computer also become damaged. PC power supply replacement requires getting up close and personal with sufficient electrical charge to cause significant harm. That’s why we recommend you have Nerds On Call perform a computer power supply repair for you. We’re located in Sacramento and have been helping locals fix their computers for close to two decades. We’ll keep you and your computer safe. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 1-800-919-6373. Or you can fill out our contact form.

Computer power supply repair was just finished on PC.

Key signs that you may need computer power supply repair

A lot is going on inside a power supply. It steps 110 volts down to a workable DC current, which means it generates heat. It’s equipped with a fan to manage that heat, but fans wear out. A host of variables — age, room ventilation, presence of dust and fur, and prolonged heavy use — all factor into how quickly you may require PC power supply repair. 

Here are the classic signs that your computer may soon require a computer power supply repair. If you do notice any of these signs, give us a call. A capable mobile repair nerd can come to you, wherever you are in Sacramento.

1. Odd sounds

No two failing power supplies sound alike. But if you hear any kind of metallic scraping or grinding sounds, a computer power supply repair may be necessary.

2. Nasty burning and melting smells

Smell burning or melted plastic? That’s never good! Your best response is to switch off your computer immediately and have a technician assess your computer to determine whether a PC power supply replacement is necessary. 

3. Frequent crashing or failure to turn on

Power fluctuations are a common cause of computer crashes. If your computer won’t turn on at all, there’s a good chance no power is reaching your computer. In both cases, one of the most likely solutions will be computer power supply repair.

Computer power supply repair just completed on PC laptop.

Need a PC power supply replacement? Here’s how a nerd can help

A full diagnostic

Computer power supply repair is only one of a wide range of possible fixes for a malfunctioning computer. Other hardware on your computer might be failing. Your issue might relate to drivers, your motherboard, or even a really nasty Gremlin infestation.

Some stores here in Sacramento will focus on the most expensive solution, and move on to the next thing if that doesn’t work. That isn’t how we operate at Nerds On Call. We perform a full system-wide diagnostic so that we can know what’s going wrong with your computer before we fix it. We can perform that crucial step in your home, and we’ll only charge to cover the costs of our time. 

We’ll do the PC power supply replacement ourselves

If our diagnostic proves that your solution is computer power supply repair, all our Sacramento-based techs are qualified to perform the PC power supply replacement. Our goal is to make sure your computer won’t need another PC power supply replacement for a long time. 

Here’s where you can learn more about our full range of hardware repair services.

If you need a quality computer power supply repair, talk to a skilled Sacramento nerd at 1-800-919-6373. Or just send us a message via our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Power Supply Repair

Is it safe to do my own computer power supply repair?

Only if you’re deeply familiar with working with 110 volts. It’s important to remember that your computer’s power supply has a direct connection to mains power — which pushes enough current to seriously hurt you if it isn’t done right. We strongly recommend you work with a certified tech for any PC power supply repair.

I upgraded my PC. Do I need a new power supply if my old one worked perfectly?

This depends on how much heat your new computer will produce. A powerful processor is going to produce more heat than a less powerful processor, and you may need enhanced heat management.

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