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Don’t know what is the best desktop computer? Especially when ‘best’ may not mean best for you. Computer consultation services allow you to fully understand what your needs are for a desktop or laptop.

Chances are you have seen articles like ‘best laptop computers’. In reality, these types of pieces are designed to list products for sale, not help you understand what device is best for your work and lifestyle. 

Our team at Nerds On Call are experts in computer consultation. Our computer assistance support will help you with picking the right work PC or advise on if you really need that new MacBook Pro. Making sure you are about to make the right decision for your budget.

Nerds On Call has been helping people in the Sacramento area with computer technical assistance for over ten years. Whether you are a college student, freelance worker, or need a computer for streaming, our team is the best computer services consultants in the region. 

Talk to a Nerd by about our computer consultation services by scheduling an appointment here or call us at 800-919-6373.

Nerds Can Help You With Computer Selection

Computer consultation makes the shopping experience more personal. You might be looking for work from home computer or a streaming PC for your Twitch channel. Those are completely different devices and our team will point you in the right direction of your ideal computer.

Computer Selection

How are you actually going about picking the right device? Are you up to date with the latest tech news? Do you understand what makes a work PC a great for your job? The answer is probably no and that’s totally fine.

Our Nerds are the best computer services consultants in the region. They have a full understanding that you just want a piece of equipment that just works. You don’t have the time to read about what are the best computers for college students and why. We will do that for you. That what makes our computer consultation services the best.

What To Consider

Giving you a list of the ‘best reviewed computers’ or ‘best laptops computers for cheap’ is not going to help you. We want to talk with you about what you need right now. We want to consider your lifestyle, work environment and budgetary requirements. We take in consideration that following:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Work or personal use
  • Hard drive needs 
  • File sharing
  • Network environment
  • Photo or video editing

We don’t want you to spend money on a desktop and find out it is the worst computer to work from home on.

Work Computers

Pretty much every job requires you to interact with a computer at work. Not every PC or Mac is ideal for your job and work environment. Maybe you need work from home computer that can handle all those zoom calls. What if your job is more specialized? Do you need the best computer for trading stocks? 

Our specialists will provide you with the most consumer friendly computer tech assistance. We have consulted in computer selection with freelancers and small business owners. Our techs have even helped find the best streaming computers for content creators.

Computers For School

About to drop the kid off at college? Or maybe the High School homework has switched to online only? Either way we understand you may be looking for the right budgeted device that is going to last longer than one semester.

Our tech won’t just look for the best computers for college. They look into whether it can handle all those online courses and file sharing needs of a young student.

Nerds On Call Are Computer Consultation Specialists

Why choose Nerds On Call to your computer consultants?

Our Nerds are not here to up-sale you on some desktop you don’t need. We are the ideal computer consulting company. Our team will sit on the phone with you, understand what you are looking for and recommend the best computer on the market that fits you. Not the best computer for expert techs, the best computer for you! 

Call us today at 1-800-919-6373. Let’s get to work on getting the right device for you.

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