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Finding the right tools to help your computer do what you wanted to isn’t always easy. You have to sift through endless aisles of Sacramento software stores or spend time searching online and with looking online come all sorts of hazards – you can’t always trust those download links that you find. Sometimes those are riddled with the very viruses you’re trying to remove. What you need is an experienced guide who can help you navigate through the endless selection of software to find the right tools.

We don’t just want to help you find the right tools – we want to help you find them for the right price: free. There is plenty of free software to be found if you look in the right places. Our Nerds have spent plenty of time crawling around on the internet to be able to find those places. We know where to find the good stuff – the stuff that will do its job, won’t infect you; and doesn’t cost a cent.

When we repair your computer, chances are good that we’ll put some of this software on your computer. After all, we know it’s the best, but this software doesn’t just have its uses for when we’re doing our job – it will help you use your computer more effectively every day. So we’ll leave it on there if you want us to, plus we can install other free software that we think you’ll like and use. Most of them are very small too – they won’t eat up your hard drive space.

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Free Software

Is free software expensive?

No. It’s free.

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Common Terms

Free Software

Free Software is a blanket term referring to any software that is not charged for. However, this can includ malware as well as legitimate downloads

Open Source Software

Open source software is software whose code is publicly available. Anyone with an internet connection can see the code that makes the program run. These programs are still secure, however.


FOSS means Free and Open Source Software. This is software that both costs nothing and that can be publicly contributed to. Common examples include Firefox and Linux, the most popular operating system