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Eero Home WiFi system

The Eero Home WiFi system is designed to make your home network faster, more reliable and easier to configure. In this overview, we’ll take a look at what Eero’s home networking solution has to offer, what consumers are saying and its suitability for use in a smart home. Eero Home WiFi system If you’re interested in this product, remember that we can help by getting you a great price and performing a full installation and setup. Just call 1-800-919-6373 or use our contact form.  

Key features of the Eero Home WiFi system

Eero Home WiFi technology works very differently to your traditional modem/router setup. Instead of relying on one router to beam a signal through your whole house, Eero uses multiple access points, each working together to provide total home signal coverage. Eero beacon If you’re experiencing connection “black spots” or a slow connection in some parts of your home, Eero’s product is likely to be the answer to your nerdy prayers. The other big innovation Eero brings to the table is simplicity. Using a central app, you can administer a secure network that comes complete with a suite of management options such as parental controls, diagnostics, and speed checking. Eero app setup

What consumers are saying

To get a sense of this product’s quality and performance we took a look at what customers had to say on Amazon. At the time of writing, from 1651 reviews the Eero Home WiFi system received a quality rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with over 85% of customers awarding the product a 5-star rating. None too shabby! Here are a few representative comments we came across:
“We loved the minimal design, easy setup, wired ethernet backhaul, fluid app, seamless roaming and customer service Eero provided.”
“Eero is a company that is thinking outside the box. They know the problems that plague users today. This new generation absolutely demolishes all previous mesh networking competition - utterly and completely.”

How smart home friendly is this product?

The beauty of mesh technology for smart home configuration is that the stronger and more dispersed your signal is, the easier it becomes to integrate services throughout your whole home, including outdoors. For example, by pushing a strong signal outside it becomes a snap to integrate outdoor speakers and centrally controlled lighting into your smart home setup. Eero A strong, uninterrupted signal is also a big plus for security which depends on WiFi. Doorbells, outdoor cameras, and sensors all work better if they can communicate seamlessly with your smartphone. WiFi is the “glue” that makes all this possible. As such, the Eero Home WiFi system gets high marks as a great addition to your smart home installation.  

Installation and setup

If you’re not confident with home network configuration, we recommend you have one of our nerds perform a full installation. We’ll set up the app and your network settings to ensure you get the most out of the technology. We’ll also hook-up the wifi mesh with all your smart home enabled entertainment technologies.
We’re highly experienced in the setup and installation of home networking products. If you’d like our help you can call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about Eero Home WiFi system

I just can’t get WiFi to work in my home. Should I just get network cable installed?

A few years ago, the answer would probably have been yes. These days though mesh technology can work wonders in houses with lots of connection black spots. While cable is still necessary in some cases, this can usually be avoided.

Will I need to get permission to do this with my Internet Service Provider?

No, this isn’t necessary. All the equipment we install will work with (and improve) your connection.

Is it secure?

This product is designed to keep your home network and connected devices safe. Additionally, as part of our installation service, we’ll make sure it’s configured to be fully secure.