You might need a nerd if…

  • You notice your computer is booting very slowly
  • Crashes and frozen screens are plaguing your computing experience
  • You tried a motherboard repair and replacement yourself and something didn’t go as expected
  • You live in or around Sacramento and you’re looking for a savvy tech to repair your computer with a motherboard repair or replacement
  • Something is wrong with your computer, but you actually have no idea if you need a motherboard repair or replacement! You’re just looking for a local Sacramento nerd who can give you smart, reliable advice

Sacramento Motherboard Repair Service

First off, it’d be kind of silly of us to go all guns blazing talking about motherboard repair and replacement if you don’t actually know what a motherboard is… or why your computer needs one!

The what, the how, the why of motherboard repair and replacement

If you’re not sure what a motherboard is, head on over to Techopedia and just scan the first few paragraphs. But don’t feel intimidated if you don’t understand every word. There’s a lot of detail there you don’t need to know. The real key information chunkoid (technical term) you need to understand is that your motherboard is your computer’s “main circuit board.” In other words, pretty much everything your computer does depends on this central foundational slab of technology sitting right at its heart. 

As you can probably imagine, motherboard repair and replacement is a delicate and technically demanding process. Everything connects to it! So it’s a repair that must be done correctly and well. 

It makes all kinds of sense to contact Nerds On Call if you’re looking for a motherboard repair and replacement. Why? Well firstly, we’ve been doing this for close to two decades. Our Sacramento team are skilled technicians with a comprehensive understanding of what makes your computer tick. But also, it helps that we’re based right here in Sacramento. We can come to your home or place of work, and get your computer back on track in a fraction of the time.

Just give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form. We’ll be at your door in a flash, ready to bring your computer back to perfect working order.

Motherboard repair & replacement about to take place in an older PC.

Three things you should know about motherboard repair and replacement

1. Motherboard problems are often hard to detect and repair

So picture your motherboard sitting right at the heart of a complicated web of technologies. Your hard drive, your graphics card, your RAM — they’re all plugged into this central motherboard, each component doing its thing and contributing to your overall computing experience. If something goes wrong with your motherboard, every device connected to it may also be affected. This can make diagnosing a motherboard-related computer problem a tricky and exacting process. 

The first step of our motherboard repair and replacement process is a careful, step-by-step progression of trial and error to confirm the exact nature of your computer’s problem. If it turns out that you do require a motherboard repair and replacement, the next step is to carefully strip out all the devices connected to your motherboard. Only then can we get down to the real business of actually replacing your hardware. 

You might be worried that such a careful and time-consuming process might be costly, but rest assured we’ve got your back. Both our in-store and our Sacramento mobile repair teams charge a flat rate, and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote in advance. Even though motherboard repair and replacement are among the more time-consuming computer repair tasks you’ll encounter, you can have peace of mind about how much it’ll cost. 

Nerds On Call Sacramento Motherboard Repair Service need on laptop hardware.

2. Motherboards are surprisingly fragile

And here’s another really good reason to leave motherboard repair and replacement to technicians who have a lot of experience under their belt. Motherboards are surprisingly fragile — to jostling, to electrical spikes, to having pins and connectors bent out of place. 

A big part of our motherboard repair and replacement process is to carefully protect every component as we swap out your motherboard and methodically rebuild your machine. 

3. You can’t simply replace your motherboard with any old off-the-shelf substitute

And finally, you can’t effectively tackle the motherboard repair and replacement process without paying close attention to compatibility. Not all motherboards are compatible with all makes and models of hardware. When we do a motherboard repair or replacement, our first step is to carefully research every piece of hardware your computer uses to be sure the motherboard we install into your computer “plays nice” with them. 

By working with Nerds On Call, you can have peace of mind that you’re working with a local Sacramento computing expert — someone who has years of experience tackling the hardest computer repair challenges. 

Trust Nerds On Call with your motherboard repair or replacement 

If you want a motherboard repair or replacement that is hassle-free, reasonably priced, fast and reliable, choose a Sacramento company you can trust. Since 2004 we’ve been busily fixing computers, resolving daily computer challenges, and making computer repairs as easy as possible for our many satisfied customers (check out our online computer repair option). 

For a great motherboard repair or replacement, fill out our contact form today, or call us at 1-800-919-6373.

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Motherboard Repair & Replacement

I can’t even turn my computer on! Does that mean my whole computer is toast?

Actually, no! So many issues can “brick” a computer, some of them surprisingly minor and easy to fix. Even a faulty DC jack can lay your computer low, and a replacement jack is easy to find, inexpensive, and easy to install. For more information about power issues, read our page on laptop power issues.

If my motherboard is broken, can you repair it? Or will I need a full replacement?

As you can probably imagine, a lot can go wrong with motherboards. Our first step in motherboard repair or replacement is to perform a full diagnostic. We always look for the least expensive solution and will give you a detailed breakdown of what’s wrong with your motherboard and the best way to fix it.

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Common Terms


A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer. It acts as a central hub that connects the various components of a computer, such as a processor, memory, storage, and peripheral devices, together.

DC Jack

A DC jack is a type of electrical connector that is used to supply power to a device. It is typically a cylindrical or rectangular-shaped connector with one or more metal pins or terminals that allow for the flow of electrical current.


A rechargeable device that provides energy to a device when it is not connected to an external power source.

AC Adapter

An AC adapter, also known as a power adapter or charger, is a device that converts AC (alternating current) power from an outlet into DC (direct current) power, which is then used to power or charge a device.