You might need a nerd if…

  • Your laptop is constantly running out of battery power.
  • You live in Sacramento and are looking for a nerd to help you replace a laptop battery.
  • Before considering replacing your laptop battery, you’re keen to find some nerdy tricks on how to get more juice from your computer’s battery

Sacramento Battery Life Improvement Service

As Peter Parker’s uncle once said, with great power comes responsibility. Unfortunately, the flip side of old Uncle Ben’s mildly cliched observation is equally true: With not much power comes enormous frustration. I mean let’s face it: A dying laptop battery is the worst. It’s a strange mystery of the cosmos, then, that so many people avoid laptop battery replacement or even consider the possibility of laptop battery repair.

If your laptop is constantly dying, we have two great chunks of news for you. First, right here and now there are a ton of things you can do to get more from your existing laptop — even if ultimately you are going to need to replace your laptop battery. Second (and possibly even more chunky in its wonderfulness if such a thing were possible) laptop battery repair and replacement is a thing. It happens all the time. And guess what? We Sacramento Nerds are experts in all things battery-related. 

Ready to feel the power? Then strap in! 

  • We’ll start by giving you some nerdy insider knowledge on how you can extend your battery life. 
  • We’ll also explain how you can get your computer to us here in Sacramento so that we can get your dying computer juiced up with a zippy new laptop battery replacement
  • Orrrrrr if you want to jump straight to the part where we give you all the power with none of the responsibility (take that Uncle Ben) give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form. We’re nerds. We replace laptop batteries. It’s what we do.

5 nerdite tips on how to extend your battery life

1. Stave off a laptop battery replacement with battery saver mode

Even if your battery is on the way out, you can make sure your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC works at maximum efficiency with the “battery saver” feature. This useful option will stop apps from doing power-hungry things like push notifications or chewing up background processor capacity while you’re busy doing something else. 

Here’s the problem you’re going to need to fix though. By default, battery saver kicks in when your battery hits 20 percent. If you’re on the verge of needing laptop battery repair, that’s probably a dollar short and a day late. How do I fix it, I hear you ask? All you’ll need to do is instruct your computer to kick battery saver in earlier, which you can access from the power and battery options accessible through settings. 

Quite honestly, here’s our advice for you if you know you’ll need to replace your laptop battery as soon as possible, especially if you’re not in Sacramento and it’ll be a while before you can get to us. Ramp that setting right up to 50 percent. Yep, you’ll notice a performance drop. But at least you’ll get a reasonable jolty bang for your battery buck. Jolty bang — sounds like a cool flavor of Doritos!

2. Reduce brightness

OK, ok. This one is a classic, and everyone knows it. There’s even a good chance you have an octogenarian great aunt somewhere who is at least nominally aware that making a thing’s screen dimmer makes that thing go beep longer. But we’re still including it because so many people seem to forget this when they’re panicking — especially when experiencing the cold dread of suddenly realizing they’ll need a laptop battery replacement as soon as possible. 

Reduce the brightness of your screen as low as you can comfortably use it. Are you squinting? Good! 

This may mean you’ll have to work in a dark room until you can organize a laptop battery repair near you. Now, of course, for the sake of your eyes, you’ll want to call a local Sacramento nerd as soon as possible so that you can get back to business as usual. But before you’re able to organize a time to replace your laptop battery, every drop of light you can do without will buy you seconds of valuable time.  

Nerds On Call Sacramento Laptop Battery Replacement service is needed for tablet.

3. Close unused programs

Here’s another quick and easy way to take some of the strain off your battery. Purge programs you don’t need. To perform this little trick, Task Manager is going to be your best friend. There are a million ways to open task manager, but good old Ctrl, Alt, Delete will do the trick.  

A bit of a sidebar here: If you see a lot of unused programs in task manager that you don’t recognize, while scheduling your laptop battery repair with Nerds On Call, you might want to ask us to also run a tune-up for you. A good tune-up and system diagnostic is something we do all the time here at our Sacramento branch. It’s amazing how much more efficiently your computer can run once it’s been purged of unnecessary software.  

Do the above three things first. They’re going to be your best way to keep your laptop running while you schedule a laptop battery repair. For a bit more battery efficiency, here are two backup options to try. 

4. Lower your screen resolution

The less data your screen displays, the less laptop your energy uses. Not going to lie: this is not a great solution for any length of time. Even a small resolution drop will be jarring to the eyes and reduce your screen size considerably. Short term though? It’s an option.

5. Disable unused hardware

Again, don’t mess with hardware unless you really have no option. Small changes in your hardware lineup can make big changes to your computing experience. That said, you can turn off unnecessary features like 3D graphics processing or a CD/DVD drive from Device Manager — available through settings. Tinkerer beware.

How do I get a laptop battery replacement right now?

Here’s where your life gets considerably easier.

  1. Call us at our Sacramento office: 1-800-919-6373 and we’ll ask you some questions to help us better understand your laptop battery repair situation.
  2. We’ll set up a way to get to your laptop to do the laptop battery repair, or if necessary, replace your laptop battery. If you’re based in Sacramento, you can come to us. Or we can come to you if you’re anywhere in the Sacramento area!
  3. Most laptop battery replacements can happen right on the spot, so in the space of time it takes you to slurp down a coffee, we’ll have your computer good as new.

Don’t listen to Uncle Ben. Listen to us here at Sacramento Nerds On Call. We’re laptop battery replacement experts. 

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Battery Life Improvement

Do I need to let my battery drain before I recharge it?

No. It’s perfectly OK to recharge a battery after a partial drain. Recharging whenever you like won’t mean you’ll need a laptop battery replacement that much sooner. 

Do I have to get my laptop battery repaired straight away?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you use the laptop for. You may be able to turn off features that you don’t use anyway. 

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