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Formatting Documents

Getting your ideas into a word processor or spreadsheet software is one thing, but formatting it well is another. It should be so easy to line up those numbers correctly or to get those bullet indents just so, but more often than not you can spend more time formatting your document than writing it! If you’re at your wit's end dealing with formatting that just won’t fall into line, check out our document formatting support service, available as part of our premium tech support package. All you need to do is sign up, get connected with one of our formatting champs and we’ll get your document or spreadsheet looking primo while you sit back and relax. Here are our document formatting services.

Document/Report Formatting

Whether you’re working in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or some other word processing package, getting a consistent, professional look across your whole document requires a surprising level of know-how. We’ll build you a solid template foundation which applies consistent styling across your whole document. We’ll add another layer of professional gloss to your work by introducing clean, consistent styling to all your visual and textual report elements.


Tabular data is easy to follow and a great way of simplifying complex facts, but getting all that to come together often requires a detailed understanding, not just of the spreadsheets formatting options but of how these features interact with the sophisticated formula calculating software running behind the scenes. Not easy! If you hit a wall with your number crunching, we can help by auditing your formulas, fixing your formatting issues and ensuring your data is presented in the most dynamic and engaging manner possible. If you’re fed up getting your report, spreadsheet, resume or novel looking the way you want it to look, we are the nerds you’re looking for. Call us at 1-800-919-6373 to get started or view our online support pricing page, here.

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Questions nerds often hear about Formatting Documents

I want help with understanding how to use some software. Can you teach me?

Absolutely! Our online service isn’t about just providing a quick fix. We’ll make every effort to help you understand what’s going on so you’ll be prepared to use the software more effectively in the future. We’ll be happy to give you some tips.

Can You Work On My Document Remotely?

Yep! The great thing about our online support is that, once you grant permission, we can see exactly what you see on your screen. This means we can give you detailed, hands-on support without us ever setting foot in your home. It’s a quick and easy solution when you need help fast.

Do You Also Do Editing or Data Entry?

This isn’t part of our service. We focus solely on the technical and formatting side.