You might need a nerd if…

  • You have all kinds of devices in your home and find it difficult to share files and access hardware resources like printers or televisions
  • You have WiFi in your home, but your signal doesn’t reach every room
  • You’ve tried to set up your own home network service but it isn’t working as well as you’d hoped
  • You’re interested in our home network service and would like more information
  • You’re in Sacramento and looking for a skilled local computer technician to provide a home network service or networking troubleshooting at your place of work

Sacramento Home Network Integration & Services

Here’s a question we get asked all the time: “What is a network really? And why on earth do I need a home network service?” If you’ve asked these questions before we get your confusion. The thing is, a network isn’t one particular device. Sure, a functioning home network requires a few pieces of equipment like a modem and router, but a network refers to more than just an assemblage of pieces of equipment. The secret of a network lies in how all these technological bits and pieces communicate.

A 2-minute guide to understanding our home network service

Imagine you just purchased the perfect Grogu t-shirt. It’s an enchanting shade of chartreuse. The problem is, when you wear it with your favorite brown velour slacks, the whole ensemble makes you look like a tree. What you have here is the fashion equivalent of a networking problem. 

Our home network service is the equivalent of introducing a crisp white belt to your wardrobe. Suddenly your cool shirt and funky pants can get along! Everything just clicks, and the compliments start pouring in. 

Here at the Sacramento Nerds HQ, we don’t pretend to know a lot about fashion. But we’re ninjas of home networking. And the reason our home network service is so popular is that through rigorous diagnostics and troubleshooting we can make sure all your networked devices get along, communicating clearly with one another without interruptions or arguments. 

Here’s what our home networking service looks like:

  • Want to print a Book of Boba Fett synopsis right from your phone? No problem.
  • Keen to send a YouTube vid on Star Wars-related fashion from your iPad to the TV? Can do. 
  • Hoping to send your draft Ewok/Tribbles fan fiction masterpiece from your office PC to your backup laptop down in your basement? Also extremely doable. (Speaking of cool origin stories…)

If this sounds like nerdy nirvana to you, contact Nerds On Call (1-800-919-6373) about our home network service. We can come to you wherever you are in Sacramento and work our networking magic.

Woman works in home office after receiving Nerds On Call Sacramento home network integration & services

How our home network service can change your life

Here are just some of the many ways a home network service can make your life … just better.

1. Move files from A to B with ease

If you are like most of our home customers, you have the one “fancy” computer tucked away somewhere in your house. This is your newer computer. It’ll have a nice big (and largely uncluttered) hard drive, tons of memory, and a keyboard with an L that actually works. 

One of the coolest benefits of a home network service is that you’ll suddenly be able to access files on your fancy machine from anywhere. So let’s say you have a ton of family snaps on Mr. Fancy. After we finish our home network service, you can grab all those picture files from anywhere — an iPad, a smartphone, even your clunky old 2005 laptop with barely 3 functioning keys on its coffee-spill-wracked keyboard. (BTW we can fix that too.) You can also share work files. For example, if you started writing that Ewok fanfic on your backup computer downstairs, you could finish writing it upstairs later — and without the old-school process of having to email your own files back and forth. 

Sharing files of any kind will be like a sweet Sacramento Summer breeze after we complete our home network service.

2. Grab your entertainment anywhere

Now let’s talk entertainment. 

One important aspect of our home network service is paying careful attention to network coverage across your whole home. If you have connectivity blackspots, we can help get rid of ‘em for you. Also, we’ll dig deep into our nerdy bag of tricks and optimize your connection speed. That means you can jump onto Netflix anywhere in your home without worrying about choppy playback, network crashes, or all your other online computers grinding to a halt. 

You’d be amazed at how much easier it is to relax with your favorite movie once your home is set up with a properly configured home network service.

Devices are file sharing due to a home network service

3. Share your devices without the headaches

And (because we are always partial to a little showmanship) we have saved the Big Kahuna for last. This is the one miraculous aspect of our home network service that most often has our clients showering us with cookies, praise, and a cornucopia of Sacramento’s finest mini hot dogs. 

We can get your printer working!

Yup. For some reason, printers always seem to fall off a poorly configured network. Our home network service makes that problem vanish. Once we’re done with your network you’ll have no difficulties printing from any device. This alone, most customers tell us, makes our home network service worth a near-infinite number of mini hot dogs. No wonder that Grogo t-shirt feels tight. 

And remember, we can fix a plethora of other tech headaches online

Let Nerds On Call help you with a comprehensive home network service

Tired of a network that doesn’t quite work? We offer a complete home network service that’ll make those problems vanish into the ether. Better yet? We’re right here in Sacramento, and do house and business calls. Mini hot dogs are entirely optional. 

Just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about Sacramento Home Network Integration

Is yourhome network service expensive?

Not at all. We offer among the most reasonable rates in Sacramento and we’re fast and efficient when it comes to all things nerdy. Now if you want Ethernet through your house, that is a much bigger job! But we can discuss that with you and offer a free no-obligation quote. 

Do you really own a Grogu t-shirt?

Yes. And a Mandalorian backpack. 

Would your home network service help me if only own one computer?

Almost certainly, yes. Let’s say you have portable devices. Our home network service can help with that. Perhaps you have a couple of TVs around the house? A home network service will help you get more out of those too

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