The motherboard in your laptop is sort of like the command center, each piece has a specific function, which triggers actions to be taken by other components within your laptop. With so many minuscule pieces that are crucial to the operation of your system, motherboard repairs should not be taken lightly. Nerds on Call has experts at motherboard repair, but even then not all motherboards are salvageable. Replacing a motherboard is a piece of cake for our Nerds, and they can get your system running good as new.

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Questions nerds often hear about Redding Motherboard Repair & Replacement

Is Motherboard Repair & Replacement Redding expensive?

Every computer problem is different.

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Common Terms


A motherboard is the central hub of a computer and connects all of the computer’s components, such as the processor, memory, storage, and peripheral devices.

DC Jack

A DC jack is a cylindrical or rectangular-shaped electrical connector with one or more metal pins or terminals that allow for the flow of electrical current.


A battery is a device that stores electrical energy and releases it as needed to power a device.

AC Adapter

An AC adapter converts the alternating current from an outlet into direct current, which is then used to power or charge a device.