You might need a nerd if…

  • Your computer is shutting off randomly and giving you error messages
  • You need to upgrade your laptop memory
  • Your computer won’t boot up
  • Your laptop can’t hold a charge or won’t charge at all
  • You have missing keys or need a new keyboard
  • The laptop screen is broken
  • The screen doesn’t appear to be broken, but it displays no image

Laptop Hardware Repair: Don’t Throw Away Your Computer

If your laptop is nickel and diming you, don’t throw it out! It may be a simple matter of replacing some of its hardware to restore it to perfect working condition.

If you need our help, just call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

Here are some of the hardware repair services we offer at Nerds On Call.

laptop hardware repair

We can fix, replace or upgrade your RAM

If you multitask, use word processors, play 3D games, or do graphic design, you may find your laptop would run a whole lot better with a RAM upgrade.

We can talk with you about your computing needs and set you up with an upgrade which gives you the best bang for your buck.

If your laptop won’t boot up or crashes constantly, you may need to reseat or even replace some of your RAM. We’ll run a completely free diagnostic and replace faulty RAM for you.

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Laptop RAM

Replacing or repairing the hard drive

Fed up with not having enough space for your data? We can upgrade your hard drive so that you don’t need to worry about storage again. We can also set you up with cloud storage solutions so that you have the perfect combination of local and remote storage.

If you are getting blue screens, sudden crashes, or errors that say no hard drive has been found, it could be that you’re dealing with a faulty hard drive.

When this happens, we’ll do our best to restore your data. We’ll also replace your hard drive for you, making sure we set you up with hardware which is reliable and sufficient for your storage needs.

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laptop hard drive

Installing a new optical drive

DVD and CD drives are slightly “old tech”, but they’re still incredibly useful pieces of hardware and a lot of people depend on them to access archived data or simply to watch a movie in their downtime.

If your DVD or CD drive is no longer working, we can remove it from your laptop and install a new one for you.

optical drive

Replacing the keyboard

One of the most common problems we see with laptops is damaged keyboards. We take our laptops everywhere, so it’s easy for a keyboard to be damaged by drops and spills.

Don’t put up with a keyboard that’s frustrating you! We can fix individual keys or whole keyboards so that they are working as good as new.

When the old keyboard is removed, we can install the new one by reversing all of the previous steps.

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keyboard keys

Fixing overheating problems

If your computer is making beeping noises, if the fan is constantly working or if it’s simply shutting off unexpectedly, you may be dealing with an overheating problem.

We can take a close look at your computer’s innards, fixing every aspect of its heat management system, from dust and fur clogged circuitry, to damaged fans, to not enough thermal gel over the CPU.

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laptop fan

Fixing display issues

When a screen breaks, many of our customers assume that they’ll have no choice but to purchase a new laptop. This isn’t the case at all!

If your laptop screen is broken, or if you’re noticing that it’s gradually fading or getting too dark to comfortably use, we can perform a LCD screen replacement for you.

We can run a free diagnostic on your laptop if the cause of your screen issue is unclear and we’ll give you solid advice on what you need to repair it. If you do need the LCD screen to be replaced it will still cost a fraction of the cost of a full laptop replacement.

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broken laptop screen

Replacing the DC power jack

If your laptop won’t power on at all, it could be something as simple as a broken power cord or power switch. It could also be something more elaborate and complicated, such as faulty RAM or a faulty motherboard.

We’ll run a full diagnostic to isolate the cause of your problem and find the least expensive and most practical solution for you.

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dc jack

Nerds On Call can repair your laptop hardware

If you have a laptop hardware problem, you don’t have to try to fix it yourself. We have stores throughout California and Oregon, and we can accept your laptop in the mail if you don’t live near our stores. No matter where you are in the continental U.S., we’ll repair your laptop quickly. That way, you can get back to using it for your own enjoyment. Just give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.

If you’d like more information about we do laptop repairs at Nerds on Call, check out our full page on laptop repair.

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Questions nerds often hear about Laptop Hardware Repair

Can I do hardware repair on my own?

Sure. But you’ll need a few tools. And it can be very time consuming or difficult if you’ve never done it before. You’ll often have to remove multiple components to get to the one you want to repair or replace. If you’d rather skip all of that and have us do it for you, give us a call

How do I tell the difference between hardware and software problems?

Trial and error. It’s best to try software fixes first, then look at hardware if you’ve already ruled out software. The exception to this is if there is obvious physical damage.

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