Our Citrus Heights Story

If your laptop, desktop computer, or smart phone needs upgrade or repair, one of our local nerdy professionals will be happy to make your problem disappear. A local business proudly serving the Citrus Heights area, we deliver fast, reliable computer repair.

Here are three good reasons to choose us instead of a generic, US-wide store.

To-Your-Door Mobile Repair

It just isn’t necessary to pack your computer up to take to the store when something goes wrong.

Our fleet of mobile repair vehicles is serving areas throughout Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights, Calfornia. We’ll come straight to your door, and offer everything from phone repair to fast and reliable computer repair or upgrades. Our on-site repair service comes at a competitive price, includes free price estimates, and backed up with years of repair experience.

We’re Local to Citrus Heights

There’s one significant downside to getting your computer repair done by a generic store serving the whole US. A generic business will probably need to ship your phone or computer to a central repair depot, quite often outside of the US. That means you can kiss goodbye to the idea of a quick repair! It also increases the repair price and the risk of damage.

We’re a local, Citrus Heights business that specializes in serving Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights residents. By choosing our business, you can be confident that your tech will be repaired by a friendly local technician with lots of experience.

We Offer More Than Just Computer Repair

Of course, we specialize in desktop and laptop computer repair services. If you need a virus removed, a new hard drive installed, or even just a bit of help installing new software, we’re your nerds! But we can also help you with other technical problems, including:

If you’d like to learn more about our services and price breakdown, pick up the phone and talk to us. We offer free price estimates, either over the phone or at your home or place of business in Fair Oaks or Citrus Heights.

Need a Nerd’s Know-How?

We’re proud to be serving home and business customers throughout Citrus Heights. If you need computer or smart phone repair, there’s no need to bundle your technology off to a generic nationwide chain store. Keep your business right here in Citrus Heights!

Call 800-919-6373 to set up your appointment!

A friendly local nerd will be happy to come to you to deliver a professional repair or upgrade.

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