Speaker Setup Sacramento

Surround sound can make your home theater much more like a real movie theater. With it, you can install up to 9 speakers connected to your television or projector and have sound that immerses you in your entertainment. You can hear every detail crisply – just the way that the original filmmakers intended you to. You might even end up on Sacramento news for making people think there was something going on at your house because of how realistic your speakers are! (Well, if you don’t keep the volume down). It’s sound that truly surrounds you!

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Parental Controls Sacramento

You wouldn’t let your kids go into downtown Sacramento without at least making sure they could take care of themselves, right? Many of us, especially those with younger children, probably just have certain places you wouldn’t let your kids go without supervision.

The internet can be a lot like Sacramento. It has a lot of wonderful things to offer, but it also has a lot of dark alleyways that can be dangerous for your children.

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Smarthome Consultation Sacramento

Home construction has come a long way. The first known homes were built in 3000 B.C. by the Egyptians and while we’ve upgraded the materials a number of times since then (or maybe you live in a mud and brick home – we won’t judge), there have only been a few technological upgrades over the years. The way that technology is moving, it is going to integrate more and more modern technology into our houses. It’s not scary dark sci-fi stuff either – it’s all the benefits of being able to control and protect your own home.

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Home Network Integration Sacramento

Here in Sacramento, pretty much everyone has both some sort of technological device that they carry with them everywhere, and at least one that they keep at home. In fact, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about: Smartphone in your pocket, laptop in your bag, desktop at home, along with your television, speaker system, maybe even your refrigerator.

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Home Theater Selection Sacramento

So you want to get a home theater? Wonderful – they’re great to have. However, it’s not nearly as simple as just going down to your Sacramento AV store and picking out a home theater. It would be nice, but there’s just so much technical jargon and endless options that it can get pretty overwhelming. HDTV, HDMI, Blu-Ray, VESA – the acronyms and technical terms just keep going on and on.

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Home Theater

So you want to watch movies in style without dragging your feet down the busy Sacramento theater scene? With today’s home theater technology, this can easily be a reality. There are more options than ever before for home entertainment, whether television, movies, or streaming internet media. You can hook your computer up to your TV and surround sound system, wirelessly attach your tablet device and smartphone, as well as a number of other home theater gadgets. Now how to set it all up? The initial effort involved in creating a solid home theater system can be daunting and may scare some people from making the step. That’s where we at Nerds On Call come into play.

We can set your whole home theater up! Even more than that, we can help you pick out what you need – even as far as going to the store, (like the Sacramento Fry’s) with you. Since we have no interest in gaining commission off what you buy, we’re able to suggest what’s actually best for you and not what makes us the most money. We believe that home entertainment should be a great outlet to just relax and unwind – not get all spun in circles trying to understand complex technical lingo. We’d like to share what we know with you so you can enjoy your theater in peace.

Our Nerds are all based right here in Sacramento – so we know the local stores that will get you the best deals and know where to get all the components that you’ll need to assemble a radical relaxation system. So give us a call or click that chat icon below to get started!

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Smartphone, Tablet, Game Console Integration Sacramento

So you’ve got your Smartphone, your tablet, and your game console (well, maybe your kids have one) – a pretty good start to a digital life in Sacramento, right? Well yeah – it’s a good start, but wouldn’t you like to know how you can make it even better?

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Printer/Fax Networking Sacramento

If you’ve got more than one computer, chances are that you want to be able to print from your printer from any of them. It’s no fun when you have to drag your laptop over to your printer, unplug it from your desktop, and plug it into your laptop before you can print. I mean, at that point you might as well drag your laptop to your Sacramento Kinko’s to get the document printed off. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just connect to one printer from anywhere you wanted? Heck, it would be great if you could actually just put the printer or fax in a central location without even having it be hardwired to a computer. That’s called networking.

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Remote Access Solutions Sacramento

If you’d like to access your home computer from work to grab a file you forgot to transfer before you left, we can help set that up for you. It’s even possible to print something from any computer to your home computer so it’s ready for you when you get home. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to remotely accessing other computers.

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Home Network Troubleshooting Sacramento

Before we start, I’d like to make a note about the word “troubleshooting.” Back when the U.S. was a loose confederation of states and Sacramento was just a wagon town, the word “troubleshoot” came into use. It meant that when something was giving you trouble, you’d take it and…

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