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Nerds On Call is a Local Redding Business!

  • We've provided top notch computer repair service in the Redding and Shasta area since 2004!

  • Our computer and laptop technicians are unmatched when compared to our competitors.

  • Our Redding Nerds are trained to fix PCs and Apple Mac computers.

  • If you've broken your laptop screen or desktop one, we can fix it.

  • Have a nasty computer virus? We can remove it.

  • Nerds On Call's pricing is handled on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call now to get started!

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9 am - 6 pm (Su)

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Our Most Popular Computer Services

Screen Repair

It’s easy to replace a desktop monitor, but when your laptop screen gets damaged, it can be a pain to replace. We’ve got you covered! If your screen has dead pixels, cracks or even the dreaded black screen of oblivion, we’ll replace it for you.

Virus Removal

Standard virus removal software doesn’t always cut it these days. Our technicians can find and destroy any malware on your computer — including the malicious code a regular virus checker won’t find. We’ll also make sure you’re protected from future attacks. 

Data Recovery

Losing any data is awful, but losing irreplaceable pictures or archives is a tragedy. Our nerds are data retrieval experts, and can recover data from hard drives, SD cards and other storage media. We’ll also install a backup system for you, so it never happens again. 

Network Support

Nerds On Call are networking troubleshooting experts. We can fix inaccessible network devices, WiFi blackspots, slow Internet speeds and unreliable connectivity issues for your home or business. We can also completely upgrade your network hardware for maximum performance and reliability.

Our Redding Story

Our Redding store began in February 2004, back when your computer was likely a desktop tower and monitor and dial-up was still considered a viable option for getting online.

Our physical location has changed over the years, from a downstairs room in Andrea and Ryan Eldridge’s house, to our store right next door to Target.

When we started out in Redding, California, we put a flyer in the Record Searchlight with Andrea’s cell phone number, figuring that we would help a few people with their computer issues and (hopefully!) pay our mortgage.

The reception of our Redding neighbors was immediate and amazing. Before we knew it, we were too busy for Andrea to handle the phones on her own.

Our first Nerd was Shawna Bell. She worked out of Andrea and Ryan’s house, watching the crazy squirrels out the window while helping customers. At the time, she and Andrea were the entire call center. Shawna recalls working in the office with Roxie and Col. Sparticus – not her assistants, but the Eldridges’ dogs.

It now takes a lot more people just to do that job!

Back in those days, Andrea lived on a diet of Hot Pockets, as she had no time to cook, and Ryan took calls and worked until midnight.

Luckily, it was just a couple months of working in these cramped conditions before Nerds On Call relocated to its own office in the Shervan Square building. Thank goodness for the better air conditioning as the Redding summer was just getting started.

Our “new” office was an old radio station – on the second floor above a tattoo and piercing parlor, with Cheesecakes Unlimited downstairs. Andrea enjoyed the upgrade from Hot Pockets to cheesecakes.

After a few years of working in that location, Nerds moved to a much larger office on Oregon Street in Redding. That remained our corporate office, support and call center for many years.

While we got used to pausing conversations for the trains (that always seemed to pass by at our busiest times) and loved the downtown location, we eventually discovered that it wasn’t particularly convenient to those customers that wanted to drop off their computer.

As so we moved again to our location next to Target. Now you can drop in to Nerds On Call and ask a question, drop off your computer, or just say hi to our corporate staff on your way to or from your weekly Target run.

We’ve got workbenches in the back that always have computers getting fixed, cozy couches in the front, and friendly Nerds ready and happy to answer your technology questions.

For info and tech tips, check out our ongoing weekly column in the Record Searchlight, written by Andrea and her sister (and fellow Nerd employee) Heather Neal. Or tune in to our segments on KQMS morning radio with Schopflin & Gibson – Andrea and Ryan stop in to talk tech once or twice a month.

Redding has also been the site of a few advertising experiments. Way back when we started in 2004, we aired television commercials on local stations. If you’ve been in the area for a while, you’ll probably remember them!

And let’s not forget the infamous summer of sign wavers…

We hope to stay in our home city for many more years to come. Redding has been good to us and we’re proud to be based here. Much thanks from the people here at Nerds On Call to the city of Redding!

Nerds On Call Redding also services the greater Redding area. One of our most popular searches by our customers is Shasta computer repair. We’re Shasta’s #1 recommended service on Yelp!

We also serve the following surrounding locations in the Redding area: Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff, Whiskeytown, Shasta Lake, Round Mountain, Oak Run, Millville, Lakehead, Igo, French Gulch, and Bella Vista.