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Nerds On Call Redding

Nerds On Call is a Local Redding Business!

  • We've provided top notch computer repair service in the Redding and Shasta area since 2004!
  • Our computer and laptop technicians are unmatched when compared to our competitors.
  • If you've broken your laptop screen or desktop one, we can fix it.
  • Have a nasty computer virus? We can remove it.
  • Nerds On Call's pricing is handled on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call now to get started!

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8 am - 8 pm (M-Sa)
9 am - 6 pm (Su)

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Our Most Popular Computer Services

Screen Repair

It’s easy to replace a desktop monitor, but when your laptop screen gets damaged, it can be a pain to replace. We’ve got you covered! If your screen has dead pixels, cracks or even the dreaded black screen of oblivion, we’ll replace it for you if it's a PC laptop or a Macbook Pro!.

Virus Removal

Standard virus removal software doesn’t always cut it these days. Our technicians can find and destroy any malware on your computer — including the malicious code a regular virus checker won’t find. We’ll also make sure you’re protected from future attacks. 

Data Recovery

Losing any data is awful, but losing irreplaceable pictures or archives is a tragedy. Our nerds are data recovery experts, and can recover data from hard drives, SD cards and other storage media. We’ll also install a backup system for you, so it never happens again. 

Network Support

Nerds On Call are networking troubleshooting experts. We can fix inaccessible network devices, WiFi blackspots, slow Internet speeds and unreliable connectivity issues for your home or business. We can also completely upgrade your network hardware for maximum performance and reliability.

More Of Our IT Services

Our Redding Story

Our computer repair Redding CA store opened in February 2004, back when your computer was likely a desktop tower and monitor and dial-up was still considered a viable option for getting online.

Since we've been here, one of our most popular searches by our customers is Shasta computer repair. We also serve the following surrounding locations in the Redding area: Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff, Whiskeytown, Shasta Lake, Round Mountain, Oak Run, Millville, Lakehead, Igo, French Gulch, and Bella Vista.

So, come on in our tech shop and our techie reception person (nerd) will provide the nerdiest and professional customer service you've ever had! Call now at 916-306-5813!