Fathers Day: Top 5 Gadgets for Dad

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Let’s face it: Dad is simply the gadget-guru of the house. He programs the DVR, fixes Mom’s camera on the fly and has every tool known to man available at a moment’s notice from the garage. When it comes to trying to buy a gadget for Dad, how do you surprise a man who camps out at the local tech shop on a regular basis?

If you have absolutely no idea what to buy him for father’s day, don’t panic! The Nerd Chicks are here to help, luckily for you, this is not our first rendezvous! We’ve scoured the internet for some gift-giving ideas that are sure to please all kinds of daddies – even the pickiest – and better yet isn’t likely something he already has.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas:


#1 For the car-crazy Dad: If your dad fancies himself a Nascar contender, then you can’t go wrong with a cool gadget for his car. Pyle Slim TFT is a back-up camera that mounts easily to the license plate comes with a 3.5 inch display that attaches to the dashboard and even has optional night vision. For under $100, it’ll be worth every penny and may even convince Dad that he can idolize Dale Earnhardt Jr. without pretending to be him while backing out of the driveway.

father celebrate bbq gifts

#2 For A BBQ-fanatic Father’s Day: Is Dad perfecting his legendary barbeque for the next Pros & Joes BBQ Grill Down? Consider Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbecue Thermometer. Available through Amazon.com for under $40, it’s a great tool for keeping tabs on what’s cooking without hovering over the grill. It features a digital LCD screen and a wireless remote probe (works up to 330 feet from the display); this little helper will tell you when your meat is done, or if you prefer, almost done. Never again will Dad have to miss that great football play while he runs out to check on the meat!

ipod gifts for fathers day

#3 For the music loving Dad: If Dad considers his iPod Nano a “don’t leave home without it” device, then he’ll love the line of watch bands by Hex that allow him to use his Nano as a wristwatch. This stylishly IPod Nano Wrist Watch will ensure that great music is always at his fingertips. This watch comes in a myriad of options, from stainless steel to leather, or pick one of nine colors of silicone ( we suggest you stay away from the pink one). Reasonably-priced starting at $29.95, the sport version even works with Nike Plus to track and record Dad’s physical activity.

golf dads gifts

#4 For the aspiring golf-pro Dad: Does your dad spend nearly as much time on the golf course or driving range as Tiger Woods? Then the Sensoglove may be his new best friend. It contains sensors throughout the glove and a digital computer that actively monitors grip, providing immediate readout of exact grip pressure. There’s even a gentle audio warning that will alert you when your grip is too tight, allowing for instant improved distance and precision. This Father’s Day gift  is only $89, and it promises to keep Dad’s golf game well below par!

tv gift ideas for fathers day

#5 For the TV-addicted Dad: If your dad never misses the latest online episode of his favorite TV show, but is frustrated sitting in front of his computer to watch it, the Diamond Multimedia VStream Wireless PC to TV device may be the solution. This little gadget will allow Dad to stream anything directly from his PC to his HDTV. Available through Newegg or Amazon for about $125, it easily supports streaming from Hulu (for TV shows), Netflix or YouTube: anything he can play on his computer. Simply plug the USB dongle into a laptop or PC within 30 feet – and in line of sight – and attach the second USB in the TV’s HDMI port. It’s also great for the techie dad who grumbles every time he wants to show home videos, photos or presentations on the big screen. Now there’s no way to avoid sitting through that power point presentation he made to show you how to change your oil.

Still struggling to find the perfect father’s day gift?   Drop us a note on Facebook facebook.com/nerdsoncallor email us at nerdchick@callnerds.com , and from everyone at Nerds On Call, we would like to wish you a very happy Fathers Day.

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