9 Nerdy Stocking Stuffers Under $35

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Written by: Mark Lambert

When you think about gifts for nerds, it’s easy to kind of drift into the $100 and above price point. Technology has this irritating tendency of being on the expensive side! But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s quite an art to finding a truly awesome budget nerd gift, but in this article, we’ve set about proving that it can be done.

To build this list, we’ve hand-selected some of the most creative, well-informed nerds we know and have twisted their arms to spill the beans on their top picks for low-budget, great value nerd stocking stuffers.

They’re all under $35. They’re all something a bit different. They’re all catnip for those of a nerdish disposition.


Practical Gifts

These gifts are practical and insanely good value for the price tag.

Holsem 12 Outlet Surge Protector Powerstrip ($32.89)

The Holsem power strip is made for cutting-edge tech. It features three robust USB charging points, as well as a whopping twelve outlet points, six of which can accommodate oddly shaped transformer boxes. It’s also built to protect equipment from power surges and brownouts.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lighting Cable ($10)

Amazon Basics is awesome for delivering extremely good value on quality products, and this sturdy nylon braided lightning cable is a perfect example. Sure, you can buy a lightning cable from your local pharmacy for roughly the same price, but it won’t be Apple certified and it won’t be made to last. This cable will do its job for a long, long time.

AmazonBasics Portable Nano Bluetooth Speaker ($14.99)

There is a time and a place for cheap speakers. This is coming from a complete sound snob! This little number is splash proof, gets 6 hours playback on a single charge and works just fine up to 30 feet away from the playback device. It’s perfect for keeping in the shower, using by the pool or just as a handy backup speaker to throw in your bag when you’re traveling.


Utterly Impractical Gifts

But you aren’t just stuck with useful gifts at this price point. Consider these silly, oddball options for the nerd who has everything.

Amazing Gold Quadcopter ($15.30)

Drones are incredibly fun, but a primo quality model will set you back hundreds. You’ll need to lots of time learning to fly it and it may be necessary to travel out to somewhere remote before you can even give it a try. This amazingly inexpensive drone is brilliant because within minutes this diminutive drone is ready to go. It’s perfect for indoors or backyard flying, and hours of fun.

Voilio Plasma Ball Globe ($14.00)

This one found its way onto more than one nerd’s shortlist for a hot pick. It’s a miniature but fully functional plasma ball which you can power through USB. When nerds were quizzed on why this was such a great pick, the general consensus seemed to be “it just looks so cool! Also, science!” Can’t really argue with that.


Time Chewers

One of the cool things about nerd gifts at Christmas is that there’s a good chance the gift recipient is taking some time off! This makes it a perfect time to give those gifts which are designed to keep you heavily diverted for days on end. Here’s some excellent time-chewing vacation-fodder.

Solar Robot Kit ($19.99)

There’s something timeless about building your own robot. It’s a bit like flying a drone. It has this appeal for nerds of all ages. This nifty solar robot kit comes unassembled. Part of the joy is building it from its basic electronic components into a fully functional walking robot. It’ll keep a nerd happily occupied for hours.

Handheld metal detector ($35.00)

This one has the added bonus of being a gift your nerd won’t see coming. While this budget model metal detector isn’t the most powerful or sophisticated piece of tech, it’s perfect for unearthing some oddities in your backyard. It’s ideal for kids who want their first taste of treasure hunting.

Oddball Anti-Tech

Not all nerd gifts need to go bleep and bloop! Here are some awesome non-tech budget nerd gifts.

Crystal Growing Kit ($19.00)

This science kit contains all the stuff you’ll need to grow your own multi-colored crystals. Why would one grow crystals? Why not! The kit even includes a clear case, so you can proudly display your crystal with pride on your desk or bookcase.


Bismuth Desk Curio ($19.95)

This solid chunk of psychedelic bismuth looks like it was extracted on some far distant plant to power a warp drive. Its odd geometry and beautiful vivid colors make it the ultimate nerdy shiny thing.

Not all nerd gifts come with a hefty price tag! Check out these budget gifts if you’re looking for some inexpensive stocking stuffers.



Mark Lambert writes about technology, modernity, and society. He’s especially interested in exploring how emergent technologies change how people think and what they want.



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