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How Populous is Sacramento?

How Populous is Sacramento?

How Populous is Sacramento? We’ve been involved in computer repair in Sacramento for quite some time (ahem, since 2004 if we’re going to get down to chronological brass tacks). The place has changed a lot in that time. Sacramento bustles and shimmies along, its story becoming ever-more enriched with new people, new businesses, and new…

Over head of the Tower Bridge: Is living in Sacramento expensive?

How Large Is Sacramento?

Ever get lost in a place you thought you knew like the back of your hand? Computer repair in Sacramento is a travel-intensive business. Our crew of mobile nerds gets out to every corner of the county to keep our Nerds customers technology-glitch free. We travel a lot. The other day I was driving across Sacramento…

Over head of the Tower Bridge: Is living in Sacramento expensive?

Is Living In Sacramento Expensive?

Is Living In Sacramento Expensive…Maybe? Since Nerds On Call began doing computer repair in Sacramento way back in 1994, we’ve had a lot of customers, both home and business (Sacramento is a populous city). This is a technology-focused city, and of course, it’s probably reasonable to assume that a heavy reliance on technology is both…

The person holding up their hand.

Online Scams in 2022: How to Spot & Avoid the Worst

While we can probably all collectively resolve not to respond to those incessant extended auto warranty calls, identity theft and phishing scams grow ever more sophisticated each year. In honor of the New Year, Andrea Eldridge recently chatted with Steve Gibson and Clark Schopflin on KQMS in Redding, CA to take a collective refresher course on how to spot & avoid getting scammed this year.

Cookies on a plate.

Subscription Boxes for Foodies!

We love giving subscription boxes as holiday gifts for two key reasons: there are about a million different ones, so you’re sure to find a box to suit anyone on your list, and they arrive AFTER the gift deluge of the holidays, offering a great way to spread your love out longer. Every time the box arrives in the mail, they’ll get another little reminder of your thoughtfulness.