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The overwhelming majority of guy-nerds seem to have a fascination with tech toys. If it requires batteries, goes beep or has one of those tiny reset buttons you can only reach with a paperclip, your garden-variety nerd will likely be drawn to it, like the proverbial moth to the metaphorical flame.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to do a quick round-up of cool nerd gifts for guys. After all, what says ‘I love everything about you—even your weirdness’ better than a cool nerd gift!

So without any needless indulgence in romantic pleasantries, let us delve into the true nature of nerd romance, and take a walk through some serious tech which is sure to set his nerdoid heart aflutter.

Proclaim Your Love With On-point Gaming Gear

That’s right! We’re starting right in a guy nerd’s heartland.

So here’s the thing about gaming. The more cutting edge and awesome the peripherals you throw at a gamer, the more effective they will become at kicking virtual zombie ass. And that will make said nerd happy. And from this contentment, true love shall blossom. Weird I know, but trust us on this.

A great place to begin is to up his hearing game with some cutting edge headphones.

Turtle Beach Atlas One PC Gaming Headset ($50)

You can grab a pair of these acoustic powerhouses from Amazon for around fifty bucks. For such a modest outlay, these headphones put out ridiculously beefy-yet-clear sound—and that’s exactly the combo you’re going for if you’re an ardent gamer.

PC gaming headset

They’re also lightweight and built for comfort. After strapping into these, the nerd in your life will be set for hours of comfortable gameplay.

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Headphones ($150)

If you have a bit more money lying around this Valentine’s, take a look at the Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Headphones. The luxuriously appointed limousine of acoustic ear augmentation, Steelseries headphones don’t just churn out crystal clear audio, they do it wirelessly.

Steelseries Arctics 7 wireless headphones

You get a full 24-hour battery life from these headphones and a huge assortment of fine-tuning options—so your zombie-extermination’ paramour will be able to tweak in-game sound exactly to their liking.  

Oh, and they’re also built for comfort! Wearing a Steelseries pair of headphones is like delicately adhering two fluffy kittens to either side of your head … only better.

The Cougar Surpassion Gaming Mouse ($40)

They can have the best sound in the world, but if a gaming nerd is not equipped with a precision gaming mouse … well … it’s like showing up to a zombie apocalypse with a broken baseball bat. Not good.  

Gaming mouse

Let’s just get the aesthetics out the way first. The Cougar Surpassion Gaming Mouse looks great. I mean seriously great. Far from resembling a small, cheese eating rodent, this device looks like a sleek, shadowy spacecraft … piloted by an alien ninja assassin … with rocket boots.

It also happens to be perfect for gaming, with customizable sensitivity levels, an array of buttons positioned perfectly for gaming and quick, precision movement.

Oh, and did I mention it lights up? Well, it does. And it’s amazing.

Make His Lower Lip Wobble With These Nerdishly Romantic Subscription Services

Subscription box services

Loot Crate ($20 per month)

Loot Crate promises to scratch every nerdy itch. It’s a subscription box that can be purchased on a one-time or on a monthly basis, and it comes loaded with geeky goodies, like collectibles, exclusive clothing, keychains, bobbleheads, and plushies.

Loot Crate subscription box

You have tons of cool boxes to choose from, from the pop culture guru, to the Marvel superhero fan. They’ve got boxes of gear from popular games like Halo and God of War and sci-fi/fantasy lovers can grab some Harry Potter, Star Trek or Star Wars gear.

Pricing varies from about $20 for your general pop culture box to the ultimate crazy fandom editions priced around $50.

Think Geek Capsule 

The concept behind the Think Geek Capsule is very similar to Loot Crate. Every month, nerdish collectibles and curious merch arrive in a tantalizingly geekish treasure box.

One month, your brainy beau might receive a Pokemon waffle-maker. The next, a posy of Star Wars plushies might suddenly grace his doorstep. It’s that relentless barrage of novelty which sets the Think Geek Capsule apart as one of the greatest geek gifts imaginable.

Think Geek Capsule

This is a particularly excellent option if the recipient is one of those “already has every gadget under the sun” nerds. Every month, this gift will offer something completely surprising.

Beguile Him With These Sensible Around the House Gifts

After all, home tech is where the heart is!

If you’ve got the handy technically-savvy guy in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve already got an Alexa making your home smarter, and maybe even some Phillips Hue bulbs controlling the lighting. Here are some Smart Home ideas you can add to his collection.

Bond Smarthome ($100)

Control the temperature of your living room with just your voice. Bond smart home will connect any remotely-controlled ceiling fans to your existing devices: Google Home or Alexa.

Bond smart home

Setup is simple, just requiring an app on your phone. You connect to WiFi, pair with the remote and you’re done. It allows you to control fan speeds and the lights in the fan.

Forget to turn the lights on while you were on vacation? No problem! You can even control your devices when you’re away from home.

Oh, and it has ‘Bond’ in the name. Kind of a no-brainer gift for a guy, amirite?

Green IQ Smart Irrigation System ($249)

Help him become the king of his leafy domain with the Green IQ Smart Irrigation System, which allows smart device control of your yard’s irrigation system, lighting and more.

Ever get frustrated with your spongy lawn, after the sprinklers ran despite rainy conditions? Irrigation is intelligently calculated with data from the weather service so you’ll never over-water again.

Green IQ smart irrigation system

You can even get really granular, customizing the unique zones of your yard, from the front of the house which receives different sunlight and heat than the back. It also comes with the promise of some serious savings. Green IQ promises to save you up to 50% on your water bill.

Saving money together — now that’s sensible romance right there!

Wyze Cam Pan ($30)

Considering different avenues of home security? The Wyze Cam Pan is a steal at a measly thirty bucks. It’s a camera that can rotate 360 degrees, automatically swiveling to follow motion, not unlike a curious Dalek.

Wyze Cam pan

Set up alerts on your mobile device to notify you when it senses movement in the room. It’ll send you a 12-second clip of the action so you can instantly determine the source. Interact with your pets or kids with the 2-way microphone. Store up to 14 days of video footage for free, so you can scroll through it if you need to use it as evidence for a break-in.

Oh, and did we mention it can see in the dark? Night vision is catnip for those of a nerdish disposition.

The truth is, mastering the subtle art of the perfect nerdish guy gift isn’t really all that complicated. While everyone is different, you can bet that if you give a nerd something they can sink their technological teeth into, they’ll probably be delighted.

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