Tech Gifts for Teachers

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Teaching is not an easy job, and we’re fully on board with anything that can make a teacher’s day a bit more manageable! With many educators out there wishing Summer would hurry up and arrive, we thought we’d assemble a list of Christmas gift ideas that are great for those who pursue the noblest profession. 

Here are a few ways you can make a teacher’s life a little easier.  

Ember Mug 2 – $100

In a perfect world, every teacher would be accompanied by their own cheerful, hovering coffee-dispensing drone. While we wait for that day, the Ember Mug 2 is the next best thing. This stylish and minimalistic beverage receptacle can keep a teacher’s coffee toasty-delicious for up to 90 minutes on its own — or all day if you keep the smart mug on its charging coaster. Ten ounces of life-giving java just not going to cut it? For $130 you can bless your teacher of choice with fourteen ounces of hot, caffeinated perfection.

Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator Machine – $24

There’s just something unassailably perfect about a crisply laminated sheet of paper. What was once merely a printout miraculously becomes a poster, a door sign, even (*gasp*) an educational long-division placemat! The Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator is compact enough to fit on a desk, has a quick four-minute warm-up time, and allows a teacher to place one hundred sheets of paper into perfect suspended animation for a measly $11. 


Glider Gloves Copper-Infused Touchscreen Gloves – $10 to $17

Once upon a time, teachers were faced with a diabolical choice while on yard patrol on a crisp Winter’s morn: Wear gloves? Or snap-freeze their digits off while using a smartphone? The Glider copper-infused touchscreen gloves can spare a teacher the agony of this decision. Woven through with tiny conductive copper fibers, these fashionable gloves allow their wearer to use a touch screen effortlessly without exposing their fingers to the nasty, soul-sapping cold of Winter. 


Anker PowerPort PD 2 Mini – $34

Any teacher in an older school will confirm this one: there are never enough power outlets! Making matters worse, the few available outlets in older classrooms invariably end up hidden away behind shelves, cabinets, and desks. With its generous five-foot cable, dual power outlets and three USB ports, the Anker PowerPort will allow a power-challenged teacher to get juice right where it’s needed. It’s kid-friendly too, with fire-retardant casing and added safety shutters. 


Belkin Rockstar AUX Splitter – $10

If Sesame Street has taught us anything it’s that cooperation makes it happen (dig it). But sometimes, you need technology to make cooperation happen. As exhibit A, we present the Belkin Rockstar AUX splitter. This cute gizmo splits one audio signal into five, allowing teams of students to collaborate on an audio task without disrupting the whole classroom. You do get some signal loss, so you may need to (carefully) crank up the volume, but that’s a small price to pay for a better way to build teamwork into the classroom, right? Dig it!


Audible Credits

For many a busy teacher, the greatest gift you can offer is the gift of sanity. Audible credits are an easy way to give a teacher in your life a little bit of extra calm and peace. Having a good book soothingly read into your ear while you drift to sleep or brave the daily commute is one of the great hidden pleasures of life, and audible credits can make that magic happen. 


Teachers are the glitter and the glue of our education system. Without them, knowledge doesn’t happen. We hope these gift ideas offer a few inspiring options to thank a teacher near you for a job well done.