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In a world where your swamp cooler just isn’t enough… Our hero wilts on the couch, surrounded by melted popsicles, and a sea of rapidly deteriorating moods… Things are about to get dangerous. One family will embark on a journey that will change the course of Wednesday afternoon. “Let’s go to the movies!” exclaims Sally, and the adventure begins. How do they find out what’s playing near them? How do they find a movie that will appeal to everyone, and not be too scary or risqué for the little ones? Will they make it in time to procure tickets? Have no fear. The Nerd Chicks are here to help save your summer movie day.

If you want a great movie theater review resource to see what’s playing this week, or to help plan your date night in the future, check out Flixster. There you can watch trailers of current and future releases, see what users and critics think about them or click the “Want to See It” button to create a list of movies you want to see. Quickly find a theater where it’s playing in your area and see up-to-the-minute movie times. They also have apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones so you don’t have to miss out on that great new release, even when you’re on the go. If you create an account, you can track movies and actors so you never miss that Indie film your heartthrob signed up for on the down-low.

Side Note: If you missed A movie in theaters you can  use NetFlix to watch it at  home. So, if you still want to watch that Aviator Movie, simply add to your Netflix queue, and watch it later.

Before you pack the kids up to head out and see Cars 2, check out the ultimate “safe movie theater review” website; Kids In Mind. This site breaks down a movie from start to finish, telling parents exactly what to expect so you can decide if it’s truly appropriate for your little ones. The website highlights three categories: “Sex & Nudity,” “Violence & Gore,” and “Profanity,” and previews the movie for you, giving you an incredibly detailed description of every part that may be of concern to a parent. For example, the “Profanity” portion of Kung Fu Panda 2 tells the reader, “1 mild obscenity, 3 mild scatological references, 10 religious exclamations, name-calling (fat, stupid, wuss, idiot, fool, soft, and cuddly-face warrior)…” and goes on from there. You’ll never be blindsided in a dark theater with your six-year-old again.

Ready to commit, but not relishing the idea of standing in line, or perhaps you’re worried you’ll miss out on a sold-out showing of summer’s big blockbuster? Purchase your tickets in advance through Fandago . While there’s not much else to the site, it does give you the option to purchase gift certificates to lure your friends to join you. Frankly, there may be no other way to sucker your less-sappy friends into accompanying you to see the upcoming Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks romance…

The Best Online Movie Review Websites

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