Waterproof Gadgets to Make the Most of Summer

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Video Transcript

Marianne: It’s a potentially bad situation.

Ken: Oh Lordy no, you let me borrow your phone and I dropped it in some water. Oh no. Oh, I’m so sorry. I think I owe you about $600.

Marianne: Yeah, and so, that’s not my old 5C, that’s not my 5C.

Ryan: I can, I can, I can…look, I can save it. So, this is, this is pretty cool. So the first case here, this is called a LifeProof Fre case. This can, this can go underwater, it’s totally waterproof, and if you remember the old LifeProof cases, they were these huge, bulky, sterile, you couldn’t put them in your pocket. So, $70 bucks Lifeproof Fre, get it at Amazon and you can just submerge it in water, it’s pretty cool.

Ken: Look at you dancing with the Devil, just got him submerged in water.

Ryan: Now, if you’re budget conscious, and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t spend that kind of money.” This is the Anchor Cases, at $8 bucks at Amazon, and it works great, you can still use your phone and everything. Oh, look at that, that’s a waterproof speaker right there.

Ken: Oh, come on!

Ryan: That’s $40 bucks and you can put that in, in, in water. Oh, if you want to listen to it under water. All right, there you go. That’s my EchoPebble Lite, it $40 bucks, you can get that at Amazon as well. But check this out, this is super cool, so, this can submerge up to 210 feet. So if you’re scuba diving and you’re bored, pull out your Kindle Paper and check it out. This is by WaterFi, it’s 100% waterproof, it’s super cool, it cost about $230 bucks.

Ken: Okay, wait, no, look at that, that’s awesome, let that…put that back in there.

Ryan: It’s spitting water.

Ken: It was spitting out, I think the base was hitting that, and it was spitting out water.

Ryan: Dude, there it goes.

Ken: There it goes!

Ryan: There it goes! So it’s like a water toy too!

Ken: That is awesome.

Ryan: So if you’re out by the pool and you’re just chilling, this is all the stuff you need, $8 bucks, $200 bucks, $40 bucks.

Ken: You know what else you might need, you might need a towel.

Ryan: Yeah, we need a towel. Let’s clean up.

Ken: Well, this is amazing how these advancements have come so quickly because you know, and this also can probably work if you accidentally drop it, maybe in a particular place, that’s not so clean.

Ryan: Yeah, if you’re, you know…

Ken: Know what I’m saying?

Ryan: This..look, hang this on the shower, and you can read your news.

Ken: Ah, there you go.

Ryan: I mean that’s cool, right?

Ken: I do like that.

Ryan: Watch you, watch “Good Day” on the stream. There you go.

Ken: Right?

Ryan: All done.

Ken: Take us everywhere. Take me into the shower with you. I mean, the show.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ken: Yes. So these things can be easily purchased, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Ken: And they all have a different purposes that you need, something kinda simple, you just go for this. If you like you said the deep sea situation, 200 feet?

Ryan: Like I said, I got all this stuff on Amazon.

Ken: I love it on that.

Ryan: Isn’t that great?

Ken: That is fantastic.

Ryan: That is a nice sound.

Ken: Yes, it’s a great sound.

Ryan: So, do you throw this in the, in the, in the bath with your kids so you can listen to some Elmo? You know?

Ken: Man, that’s amazing. That’s a great…always with great information. Ryan with Nerds on Call here. We’ll have everything linked to our site at gooddaysacramento.com. So, Anchor, I don’t owe you any money. Yay.

Marianne: No.

Ken: Crisis averted.

Marianne: Yeah, jokes on you, I have a 5C.

Ken: Right.

Anchor: Thank you, guys. Well, it is…

Water and electronics usually don’t mix. Just in time for summer, we have some cool waterproof gadgets that will let you bring your handheld electronics along to the pool or river.

Smartphone Protection

Your smartphone can always be protected by outdoor adventures. The Lifeproof Fre case, https://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/fre.html, is only $70 and is waterproof submersible up to 6.6 feet for an hour, dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof up to 6.6 feet. The case is surprisingly slim compared to most. An always on case means you’re always ready for fun.

Prefer to keep your own case? The Anker Dry Case can waterproof your gadget, https://www.anker.com/products/A7095011, for only $8 on Amazon would probably be the case for you. You can still control via touchscreen and take photos. All you have to do is put your phone in the case and clip it to your bathing suit before you encounter water.

Bring Your Tunes to the Party

Have yourself an Ecopebble Lite, https://ecoxgear.com/shop/ecopebble-lite/, a potable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that floats for only $40. It has up to 7 hours in battery life and comes in several fun colors (orange, green, and blue). The speaker has surprisingly robust sound.


Enjoy that Great Beach Read

Read as low as 210 feet underwater with a Waterfi 100% waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, iPod Shuffle and earpods, http://waterfi.com/waterproof-kindle, for only $230. Protects the Kindle with waterproof custom coating and impervious to spilled drinks, condiments, or suntan lotion (just wipe or rinse off). Only pay about $100 for waterproofing treatment. The Paperwhite is specifically designed to read like paper-no glare in the sun.


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