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the best nerdy stocking stuffers By: Andrea Eldridge

Its fun to be a nerd chick in a time when being called a nerd is no longer an insult. From video gamers to Star Wars lovers to gadget collectors, we all have nerds in our lives. As the holidays approach, many of you will be wondering where to find a suitably cool gift for your own nerdy friends or family members. This week we’92ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite places for fun nerd toys, gear, and clothes.

For the nerd who has everything,Think Geek offers an awesome selection of gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list. Items are categorized by interest (including Star Wars, Mad Scientist, even ’93Zombies & Bacon’94) or by price. The ’93gifts under $10’94 section includes Astronaut Ice Cream, Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Trays, and a DIY Blood Typing Test Kit. From useful to silly, there’92s even a section dedicated to the nerds-in-training (from newborn to pre-teen). Thinkgeek has an extensive collections of fun t-shirts and clothing for any nerdy interest, with a dedicated section for women. It’92s great to finally be able to get that World of Warcraft t-shirt and still look like a girl, not like it was borrowed from your guy’92s drawer. If the Firefly and Portal references leave you more puzzled than inspired, there are gift certificates that can be emailed or printed out. But why miss out on the fun of finding your Batman-lover those cool cuff-links? Think Geek has some of the best nerdy gifts online.

One of the hardest parts of finding a gift for someone with an interest that you don’92t share is figuring out what would be relevant to their interest when you don’92t understand the logos or sayings. Throw in the common use of binary and HTML on many ’93computer nerd’94 items, and it can be like trying to pick a t-shirt for someone who speaks a different language. That’92s why we’92re particularly fond of Nerdy Geeky Gifts. If you know a science nerd, you can select Physicist or Chemist for specific items tailored to their interest, even if you have no idea what the supposedly witty saying means. In addition to the traditional computer nerd selections (which are divided into a multitude of sub-categories), there’92s options for music nerds, gamer nerds, math nerds and sci-fi nerds. The site consists primarily of apparel items created through Zazzle, a site dedicated to customizing your own t-shirts. The benefit is that you can get the saying or design on a wide variety of different color and style shirts. The drawback is that in our experience the quality of material is typically poor, and you’92ll be paying for originality more than fit or longevity.

Check out Nerd Secret for an interesting and eclectic assortment of items selected by a nerd for fellow nerds. Interestingly, the site doesn’92t actually sell products. Clicking on a picture of something that interests you will take you to either the Amazon page for it or the site that sells it, so there’92s a huge variety of items and price ranges. Nerd Secret takes the best gifts from all over the web, and puts them on one easy page for people to find. From a $3.50 ’93Batman Brake Light Cover’94 to a $700.00 ’93Personal Underwater Scooter’94, it is really just a collection of things the site creators like. Check out the handy Gift Guides for suggestions by occasion or recipient.

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With categories like ’93Medieval Gadgets’94 and ’93Ghost Hunting’94,X-treemGeekyboasts ’93Betcha They Ain’92t Got This!’94 as their tag line. We’92re guessing they’92re right: from the Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat to the Chewbacca Bobble Head, they have a huge selection of novelty and surprisingly useful gifts. Even your non-nerdy mom would likely appreciate the Find It Key Finder with a credit card sized transmitter that fits in your wallet able to activate the alarm on the small tag you attach to your key ring. We’92re particularly fond of the ’93Get Smarter’94 tab that links to all sorts of brain enhancing gadgets, guides and books. Even self-professed nerds need to keep the old wheels turning!

If you’92re puzzling the perfect gift for your Nerd, drop us a note on Facebook or email us at [email protected] for more great stocking stuffer gift ideas.