You might need a nerd if…

  • Your Mac is running or booting slowly
  • Parts on your computer (like your keyboard, battery or display) don’t work at all or don’t work like they used to
  • Popups or other messages are intruding on your computing experience
  • You’re looking for a friendly Fresno computer tech to help with iMac repair or Apple MacBook repair
  • You’ve tried your own Apple Mac repairs but you didn’t get the results you were looking for
  • You’re looking for advice on whether you should opt for iMac repair/MacBook repair or if you’re better off purchasing a new machine
  • You’re looking for a Fresno company that can come to your home or place of work to perform an Apple Mac repair

Looking for fast, efficient, budget-friendly Apple MacBook repair?

If you’re in Fresno and in need of top-notch, nerd-powered, reasonably-priced iMac repair or MacBook repair, then your website browser is currently tuned in to what may well be the most personally relevant web page in the universe — nay, the multiverse. 

Because this is exactly what we do: Apple Mac repair. And this is exactly where we do it: Fresno. 

What are the chances? 

For nearly two decades, Nerds On Call has been troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing Apple computers. You can come to our Fresno store, or you can just give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 and we can come to you. We charge a flat rate, we’re reliable, and we’ll have your Apple MacBook repaired quicker than you can bake a lasagne. 

Speaking of lasagne…

There’s one striking parallel between iMac repair/Apple MacBook repair and Garfield’s favorite snack. Both have many layers. So grab a fork. Let’s start at the top layer of MacBook repair and work our way down. 

Apple Mac Repair note need for brand new macbook.

Mac Hardware Repair

Nerds On Call builds our Apple Mac repair approach on a complete and comprehensive diagnostic. We’ll start by running a battery of tests on your Mac’s hardware. If we do find physical problems, we’ll give you a clear idea upfront of what the MacBook repair/iMac repair will entail. And because we’re a mobile service, we can even perform the repairs wherever you’re based in Fresno. 

Mac Operating System Updates

Once we rule out hardware issues, we’ll take a look at your software, starting with your operating system. It’s amazing how often Apple Mac repair boils down to an operating system problem. One of our friendly techs will run a Mac operating system update on your machine, making sure it’s configured correctly, patching your vulnerabilities, and walking you through useful enhancements. 

Mac Protection Software

Then there’s the issue of protection — because a good Apple MacBook repair service should always focus on protecting your computer from future problems! We’ll set your machine up with excellent Mac protection software that constantly scans your computer for malware. We’ll also perform a deep system scan while we’re working on your machine to make sure there are no nasty viruses lurking in a dark corner of your hard drive. 

Mac Software Troubleshooting

The next layer of our home-baked iMac repair/Apple MacBook repair lasagne? Let’s take a close look at how your software is running. Our Mac software troubleshooting process makes sure all your apps are running as intended, fully updated, and optimized to work perfectly on your machine. 

Mac Tuneup

And of course, it may not be that your computer needs one particular thing fixed. Sometimes all your MacBook repair calls for is an overall performance boost. Our Mac tuneup makes sure a host of little things are as they should be. We’re talking about small things that can make a huge difference — like your Mac’s OS settings, hard drive space, memory settings, and more.

Macbook needs some apple mac repair appointment after not be able to run currently.

As part of your iMac repair or MacBook repair we’ll also:

  • Get rid of unnecessary startup items: This includes login items that belong to software you no longer use or rarely use.
  • Find and remove fragments of software you no longer need: Most Mac hard drives accumulate a ton of unnecessary files. We get rid of the clutter for you.
  • Detect unwanted tracking data: Browser cookies, web surfing history, plugins, and caches all keep tabs on what you’re doing. We can eliminate all or some of these intrusive files, in the process freeing up hard drive space. 
  • Look for your memory-hungry software: Let’s say your computer slows right down. Sometimes fixing that boils down to upgrading your memory or performing a hardware MacBook repair. Sometimes, however, the problem comes from one piece of software chewing up more of your processor’s memory and RAM than it should. We look for problematic software and bring that under control for you. 

Quality Apple Mac repair services right here in Fresno

If you’re in Fresno and looking for a local computer company to help you out with fast and inexpensive Apple MacBook repair, talk to us at Nerds On Call. 

We bring you in-store and onsite repairs at your home or office. And remember, we offer all our iMac repairs and Apple MacBook repairs at a convenient flat rate. Just give us a call at 1-800-919-6373 or feel free to drop us a line via our contact form.

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Apple MacBook Repair

Is iMac repair expensive?

iMac repair can be a little trickier than other kinds of Apple Mac repair just because its components can be harder to reach. However, we’ll let you know ahead of time how much your iMac repair will cost with a fully itemized breakdown. 

Is Apple Mac Repair time-consuming?

Not usually. Most Apple MacBook repairs are relatively quick to perform — if you’ve done as many as we have! By working with Nerds On Call you have a guarantee of our flat rate for all Apple Mac repairs. So whether your repair is a complicated task or a quick solution you’ll always be paying the same rate.

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Computer Hardware

Tangible parts of a computer that can be touched and seen.


A laptop is a portable computer that can be easily carried around and used on the go, featuring a screen, keyboard, trackpad or pointing device, and internal components such as a battery, hard drive, and processor.


MacBook is known for its sleek design, high-quality display, and reliable performance.