5 Quick Last Minute (Tech Savvy) Gifts for Mom

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Nerd Chick Adventures: Mother’s Day

I rolled out of bed this time last year and thought, “hmmm… it’s Mother’s Day. Wait! That’s TODAY?!” I don’t know about you, but I am a horrible planner. Add kids of my own to the mix, and I am pretty much useless. Don’t panic. Before you resign yourself to picking daisies on the way to Mom’s house (which, in case you’re considering it, only works when you’re under the age of ten), here are five tech savvy ways to create a great last minute gift from a fellow procrastinator. I promise that Mom will never know you forgot to plan ahead!

mixed cds for mothers day


Rock Her World with a Custom CD. I imagine you rolling your eyes, but bear with me. Mother’s Day is dedicated to showing Mom that you love her enough to embarrass yourself. As a mom, I can now say that the sappy stuff is pretty cool when it’s coming from my beloved child, who can do no wrong. See what I did there? Create a custom CD with songs all about Mom, from artists that she enjoys. For an extensive list of recommendations, from popular to classic artists, check out these do It yourself gifts . Pick out the songs she’ll like, then download them from iTunes or Amazon, burn them to a CD, and voilà! You’ve earned yourself an instant Favorite Child award. If you want to add an even more personal touch, run by the office supply store and pick up a custom CD label to create one with Mom’s favorite photo of you two… aww, so cute!


Embrace Mom’s Inner Nerd with Mommy Smartphone Apps. Every mom can use a little help keeping her hectic day and mom duties in order. If your mom always has her Smartphone glued to her only free hand, check out Mothers Day App Bundle There you’ll find three FREE downloadable Smartphone apps. The app bundle promises to “simplify life for the digital mom on the run.” A couple clicks and you’re done!



Create a Personalized Calendar. Personal gifts are the best! Mom will love being able to stare at her favorite pictures of you (or the grandkids) all year long. I know what you’re thinking: “But today is Mother’s Day! How can I order something that I’ll be able to give her today?” For a bevy of professional photo gifts (think calendars, posters and even photo books) that you can create in minutes, go to Snap Fish and cruise through the items marked “Pick up in Store.” Choose the one you think Mom will like best, personalize it with digital photos from your camera or computer, then simply swing by Walgreens or Wal-Mart to pick up your creation on the way to Mom’s house. She’ll swear you spent hours on it! Shh … it’ll be our little secret.


Help Mom Catch Up On Her Reading. If your mom has a “to read” list a mile long, consider downloading an audio book for her. Upload it to her MP3 player or burn her a CD and Mom can listen to the latest David Baldacci thriller or Nora Roberts romance while running errands or taking the dog for a walk. Check out Audible Books for an extensive list of available titles, or better yet, sign her up to receive the next bestseller delivered automatically to her Smartphone every month.


Make Her a Mother’s Day Meal to Remember. You can find everything you need to make Mom a scrumptious meal, with no trip to the grocery store required.  Epicurious has an amazing database of recipes that is searchable by ingredient – so if you open the fridge to discover only chorizo and cream cheese, they have you covered! You can also search by dietary restrictions, event or a theme. Go ahead and wow her with your culinary prowess.

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