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Macbook Tuneup Fresno

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If you’ve ever bought a MacBook in Fresno, you know that it’s generally one of the easiest computer-buying experiences out there. You just go get the computer that you want, open it up, create an account and you’re done. No tune-up required, right? That’s for those Windows squares who have all that stuff pre-installed on their computers. Well, as it happens, Macs have their fair share of pre-installed things that can be removed for maximum efficiency. What are they? It’s a lot of stuff like support for the Arabic language, and for printers that haven’t been made for years. Now, there’s always the off chance that you speak Arabic, and so Apple keeps these features installed just in case. And given, these sorts of space-fillers are much better than the silly games that come on HP or similar laptops. Nonetheless, it still needs tune-up to get it running at its best. All you need is someone who knows what you’ll end up needing and what you can chuck out. Fortunately, there are people right here in Fresno who do know how to do that! Here’s a hint: you’re on their website. Yeah, we know that’s a terrible hint. We’re not very good at making jokes. Tuning up a computer; that’s more our specialty. If you want us to take a look at your Macbook and tell you what can go, don’t worry about us hitting you with phantom charges. We’ll always give you an estimate before there are any charges, and if you just need to chat with someone about computers, feel free to take your computer into our Fresno store and see our friendly Nerds. They’re there to help you with any problems. At least the ones with your computer.  

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    Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.