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Getting new software is a great feeling – whether you get it from a local Fresno store or from some other electronics chain. So when you need to install or upgrade the newest version of your software, it can be a little intimidating – especially if it’s a major upgrade like your operating system. Don’t worry – Nerds On Call have techs right here in Fresno to get you your help right when you need it.

Computers are a lot of fun to use if they’re working right – and even software upgrades can be fun, believe it or not. Software developers spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that the programs you use are up to date, secure, and usable for you, the end user. Many times the install or upgrade process on these programs isn’t quite as intuitive as the programs themselves. That’s where Nerds come in. Whether you need a simple program like your web browser or Microsoft Office upgraded, or you need an overhaul of your computer with a new operating system (OS), Nerds On Call is qualified to help you make the transition.

Your OS is the most crucial component of your system – and needs maintenance just like any other program. It’s not hard-wired into your system and can be kept current with a simple software upgrade. Upgrading your OS can help your computer run faster and keep you up to date with Fresno’s world of technology.

If you’re stuck with an old version of your operating system, like Windows Vista or XP, we strongly recommend you switch to Windows 7, which is much faster and much more stable. Our friendly, knowledgeable Nerds are happy to help you make this transition safely and without hassle.

Give us a call at 559-222-6737 or use the chat below to get started with whatever upgrade you need help with. We’re here for you – right in Fresno!

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Software Upgrades

Is Software Upgrades Fresno expensive?

Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.

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Common Terms

Ver­sion Num­ber

The version number is assigned every time a change is made to the software. This helps the computer keep track of how the software works and what kind of instructions it can send.

Soft­ware Up­date

A software update is a minor release intended to fix problems with the original software

Soft­ware Up­grade

A software upgrade is a major release, intended on adding new features, as well as fixing holes.