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  • You want honest, tech-savvy advice about whether you should speed up the MacBook you own or if you should just invest in a new machine
  • You live in Fresno, and you’d just love it if your MacBook tuneup could get done in the comfort of your own home
  • You don’t know a whole lot about computers, and you’d like advice on how to perform your own regular MacBook tuneup and maintenance 
  • Your computer is getting slow, and you’re looking for cost-effective ways to speed up your MacBook
  • You tried your own MacBook tuneup but didn’t see much improvement

Looking for an easy way to speed up your MacBook? You’re in the right place!

Cast your mind back to the day you first got your MacBook. Remember how fast it was? How it almost seemed to read your mind as you switched from one app to another? It was like the industrious Watson to your insightful Sherlock Holmes — always there to hold your magnifying glass, remind you of upcoming appointments, and offer encouraging remarks after a particularly brilliant bout of deductive reasoning.

Have those golden zippy days slowly faded? Would you like to get them back? If your answer to both those questions was “yes,” “affirmative,” or “you’re darn tootin’,” then we have some good news for you. While all computers will eventually need replacement, there’s a good chance you can get those days back! All it takes is a nerd (*waves*) and a MacBook tuneup.

What is this magical MacBook tuneup witchery of which we speak? And will it speed up your MacBook for just a few days, or will it deliver some lasting oomph to your aging computational apparatus? These are great questions. And in this blog, we shall answer them.  

But first, let’s skip straight to the chase. If you want those golden days back right now, call Nerds On Call at 1-800-919-6373 and ask us about our MacBook tuneup service. Or, if you prefer, you can ask us to speed up your MacBook via our contact form. Wherever you are in Fresno, we can take our mobile computer repair service right to your front door. 

The soup to creme brûlée of MacBook tuneups

Let us delve then into the mysteries of how a Fresno nerd can speed up your MacBook.

We detect and destroy malware

First step. Let’s get rid of the stuff that is hiding in your system and actively eating away at its performance. We’re talking about malware infections. Now you may have heard that MacBooks are immune to viruses. They’re not! Malware can infect your MacBook, and this will reduce your computer’s speed and reliability. 

Our MacBook tuneup process begins with a thorough scan of your system. We’ll deploy tools and methods of malware detection that sniff out even the more insidious kinds of malware that lurk deep within your system files and often go undetected by regular virus detection software. Removing malware will instantly speed up your MacBook. As a bonus, eradicating malicious code will also help protect your data and keep your identity safe.

Software updates

Now that your MacBook has a clean bill of health let’s take a closer look at your software. As your computer ages, it’ll often develop problems within its operating systems and drivers. During our MacBook tuneup we’ll find these problems and resolve them. Typically these little fixes will deliver an instant boost to your MacBook’s reliability and the general robustness of its operating system. These kinds of software fixes can also speed up your MacBook, often considerably.

We’ll also take a close look at your MacBook’s hardware. Over time, an older MacBook’s specifications gradually fall behind the recommended minimum specifications to run MacOS. If your hardware needs a boost, we’ll itemize the upgrades you need and give you a no-obligation quote for each upgrade. 

The great thing about our MacBook tuneup service is that we arrive at your front door with a fully equipped mobile repair workshop. Wherever you are in Fresno, we can perform the vast majority of MacBook upgrades at your home or place of work. 

Browser and hard drive cleaning

Internet browsers accumulate clutter and not just a small amount of it. If you own an older MacBook, there’s a good chance it’s filled to the brim with old files, cookies, and cached pages. This can speed up your MacBook a great deal, especially if you’re running low on hard drive space. A good side benefit of this kind of MacBook tuneup is that a less cluttered hard drive significantly reduces your risk of malware infection. 

Adblocker and malware protection installation

We don’t want to speed up your MacBook for a day or a week. We want lasting improvement! The next step of MacBook tuneup is futureproofing. We’ll install adblocker and malware scanning software to your system and show you how to use it. This will keep your computer safe and ensure that your MacBook runs at optimum efficiency for as long as possible. 

Overall MacBook optimization

And this is just the beginning! Once we have your system clean and running at full efficiency, we’ll perform a full system diagnostic, offer you helpful tips on how to use your MacBook productively, and tweak your user interface settings so that your MacBook works the way you want it to work. First, we speed up your MacBook. Then we optimize your computer to be easy, fun and intuitive to use.

Need a MacBook tuneup? Call Nerds on Call 

If you’re in Fresno and want to speed up your MacBook, talk to Nerds On Call about our MacBook tuneup service. You can drop it off at our store if you like, or we can set up a time to come to you. Call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form 

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Questions nerds often hear about Fresno Macbook Tuneup

Can we speed up your MacBook?

There’s a good chance we can! Through optimization, malware removal, and software tweaks, our MacBook tuneup service can deliver a significant performance boost.

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