What is Wifi?

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What is WiFi? It seems to be everywhere, but it’s invisible so that makes it hard to define. Many people think of WiFi as a service in itself, but it’s not quite; it’s like a gateway. The service that people pay for is the Internet. Paying for Internet service is like paying for electricity: the connection to your house exists, but you need to pay for access to the service. Once the service is at your house, you’re free to do with it as you please.
Wifi is one of those things that you can do to the Internet service at your home or business. When you install a WiFi adapter, it “unwires” the Internet. The WiFi adapter is the gateway between the internet and your wireless device. The WiFi adapter sends out a signal at all times that says “hey, I’m here!” (graphic). When your wireless device is within range of this signal, it can connect to it, which “links” the WiFi adapter and your device. This is where a “WiFi Password” is entered if the adapter has a security option. Once this connection between the WiFi adapter and your device is established, information can pass from your device to the adapter to the rest of the Internet and back.

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