Virus Removal and Virus Protection

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Viruses are the arch-nemesis of Nerds On Call. We spend most of our time cleaning up after viruses. Luckily, antivirus programs will keep you safe from prying, and hacking threats. You computer needs to stay updated against viruses, and spyware. We can remember a day when the only way to get a virus was from going to a “bad website”, well times have definitely changed. Some viruses, called “scare-ware” will actually make you pay money, just to use your computer! Can you believe it? Today the virus industry has evolved, worms, trojan horses, spyware, malware, adware, storm worms are all out there…. Who can keep up with all of these malicious characters? Nerds On Call can!

We offer a complete virus removal and cleaning solution that will make your computer run like a new machine. Once your computer is clean We can set you up with proper anti-virus software to keep the viruses from coming back. Nerds On Call is the super hero of computer protection.

Virus Removal Services
We will install industry standard anti virus removal and virus protection software.
Fix the Blue Screen of Death
Clean up any damages caused by viruses or malware.
Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, worms and trojans.
Teach you how to surf the internet in the safest way possible.
Scare-Ware removal
Remove Error Messages
Data recovery services

Nerds On Call will give you a free estimate, give us a call to schedule a virus removal appointment today.